n2y provides

Special Education Resources for Administrators

to deliver and monitor standards-based and data-driven instruction across programs for students with diverse learning differences.

Standards-Based Curriculum Content

  • Delivers and tracks standards-based instruction with data-driven lessons with special education resources for administrators.
  • Provides consistency and continuity across programs from preschool through transition.
  • Tracks teacher, classroom, school or district implementation and compliance.
  • Empowers personnel to use the same award-winning SPED resources for administrators adopted by thousands of school districts nationwide.

Language and Literacy Through News

  • Facilitates the creation and growth of lifelong readers.
  • Supplies your educators and students with relevant, contemporary and educational information.
  • Delivers age-respectful and timely news for students of all grade levels.
  • Provides your educators with research-based and time-tested materials.

Symbols for Communication and Learning

  • Includes an easily searchable, relevant symbol library for everyday use and learning.
  • Combines multicultural symbols and contemporary tagging system with cloud storage to build communication boards and educational activities.
  • Allows fast and easy online access to special needs resources for administrators such as saved materials, premade templates and activities, as well as symbol collections.
  • Incorporates access to AAC templates for familiar and new static devices.


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