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he American Dental Association has declared February, National Children's Dental Health Month. To celebrate, n2y has created these SymbolStix-supported pages that are free for distribution.

These pages are free for printing, posting on your website, blogging, distributing via listserv or emailing.
Dental Care Communication -- These vocabulary or communication pages encourage reciprocal exchanges between physicians and children with diverse needs.
Dental Care Follow-up Cards  -- Morning and evening home dental care cards are printable and portable. The cards could be together, apart, folded, tucked into a bathroom mirror or even framed for constant viewing by users and caregivers. Laminate for durability. Use daily for better oral hygiene!
Dental Vocabulary -- Pages include various vocabulary from dental office visits including: names of equipment, people in the office, and possible responses to questions. The SymbolStix could be used by office staff or by the child for explanation or inquiry.
For more dental health SymbolStix, search SymbolStix ONLINE at n2y.com.
We hope that you will join us in celebrating Children's Dental Health Month in February!




We here at n2y are celebrating our first news-2-you of the school year.  Log in today to download.  n2y is giving away SymbolStix schedule cards and a "Time for news-2-you" symbol.  The SymbolStix schedule cards may be used throughout the school year. 

Click here to download the FREE schedule cards

To download the image below:  Right click and Save.


FREE Bulletin Board Border featuring SymbolStix!


Print as many pieces of this adorable border as you need. Then, cut and staple to your own bulletin board creation as you begin the new school year! Use on a door for parents' night or use it to surround great examples of students' work in the classroom! Keep it for yourself or share with friends. Enjoy!

Click here to download the bulletin board border.

In celebration of the first Unique Learning System (ULS)  materials of the school year, n2y is giving away SymbolStix schedule cards and a "Time for Unique Learning System" symbol. Print, copy, use and share these SymbolStix schedule cards throughout the year!


To download the image:  Right click and Save


Click here to download the schedule cards

Back to School SymbolStix 2013!

n2y wants to help you blast off to a great school year with free bulletin board materials.


Download and print these materials to propel your classroom setup to new heights!

Show us how you use n2y products in YOUR classroom! Snap a photo of your n2y Back to School bulletin board and upload it to Instagram (@n2yinc)  or Pinterest for a chance to win your choice of a free News-2-You subscription or a free Instructional Animation subscription!

Be sure to tag @n2yinc on Instagram or find our SymbolStix pinboard on Pinterest!

The winner or winner(s) will be chosen by staff at n2y! See you online!