Just in time to get you up and running smoothly on day one of the 2019 school year, we’re releasing some exciting enhancements to our solutions that will help you bring greater insights, extra time, more simplicity and added enrichment to your instruction. n2y developers have been hard at work behind the scenes to make this happen and are excited to share the results of their efforts with you. Best of all, these are improvements you and your fellow educators have been asking for. We heard you, and want you to know that valued customer input plays a large part in ongoing enhancements at n2y.

Use insights from data to support instruction and automate compliance reporting

Unique Learning System Student Daily Performance Report

Student Daily Performance Tracking

Student Daily Performance tracking, now available in Unique Learning System, empowers teachers to more frequently monitor students’ progress, adjust instruction and provide added support and practice to help improve outcomes. Linked to your state standards, the automatic documentation of progress toward mastery eliminates manual tracking, making it easy not only to set and monitor IEP goals but also to demonstrate compliance!

L3 Skills Activity Play Reports

Data Reporting

Data reporting available in L3 Skills includes Activity Play Reports that show progress to mastery of targeted skills through data on accuracy, responsiveness and total skills practice time. With fields for notes and observations, the reports provide a clearer picture of student abilities that follows them across years for valuable comparison.

Save valuable time on planning and scheduling

Schedule and Student Management in your n2y account

Streamlined Scheduling and Student Management

Streamlined scheduling and student management empowers you to quickly enter your schedule and your students into your n2y account, resulting in automated set-up of vital workflows across n2y solutions—your Visual Schedule in Positivity and My Plan in Unique Learning System. Use n2y’s suggested Monthly Plan or customize your own lesson plan template, and then enjoy automatic generation of monthly lesson plans, standards documentation and provision of each student’s differentiated lesson material—saving even more time!

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling in Positivity allows you to make quick changes to your daily Visual Schedule with just a click—either extending a subject or ending one early, in response to unforeseen early finishes or disruptions. This ensures that any behavior strategies you’ve scheduled for that subject period will be delivered as planned. We all know not every day goes according to schedule!

Simplify creation of materials and symbol communication

Custom Functionality

Custom functionality in SymbolStix PRIME adds powerful tools—beyond our wide variety of existing templates—to help you create your own activities and communication boards. Look for the Custom tab in the Board Wizard to:

  • Symbolize text—type a phrase and have symbols simultaneously appear in line. Don’t wait to try this much-requested feature!
  • Choose from landscape or portrait formats.
  • Create labels or activities inputting single line or multiline text—supported by spellcheck.
  • Place multiple symbols inside a single cell—ideal for creating customized activities.
  • Build custom layouts by drawing cells of any size to create fun hands-on activities.
  • Upload and save photos in a custom library for repeated use in your activities.

Enrich your instruction with new student-centered features and activities

Today’s Weather

Today’s Weather has a new, more visible position in your News‑2‑You menu, encouraging you to start each day with this popular conversation starter. Students will love the new differently abled and gender-specific figures ready to be dressed for the day’s weather conditions.

News-2-You Class News

Class News

Look for Class News under Today’s Weather in your menu—easy to access and ideal for getting students to collaborate and share information from school to home in their own daily newspaper.

News-2-You Let's Go!

Let’s Go!

Let’s Go!, a new geography feature, transports students beyond the classroom with video, colorful images and related activities.

L3 Skills accessible educational games


More accessibility features in L3 Skills with a focus on both academic and fine motor skills like finger isolation, swiping and keyboard awareness plus more closed captioning and audio narration.

We hope these improvements will support positive outcomes in your classrooms and wish all our administrators, teachers, students and families success in the new school year!

Back-to-School enhancements from n2y

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