The Search for Consistent and Structured Summer Learning

Summer is almost here! And you know what that means: a search for high-quality lessons, activities, and instructional support for an enriching summer school learning program. Ideally, these materials will provide continuity for students and instructors alike, with progress monitoring over the summer plus documentation of standards coverage and IEP goals. Not to mention differentiation to support students with unique learning needs and Extended School Year services.

Luckily for teachers, students, and parents everywhere, that search is over!

Summer Learning with a Twist

n2y offers a complimentary three-month summer unit within Unique Learning System that combines a fun summer theme with the rigor and engagement needed to keep students on the continuum of learning and promote learning recovery. The theme for summer 2021? By the Sea! With a focus on life in and around the ocean, students will learn about plants and animals that live in the sea, as well as how people use the ocean for recreation and leisure activities.

Both teachers and parents can request a trial to access the unit and provide dynamic, age-appropriate lessons and activities all summer long for students in pre-K through transition. Combining a focus on life science and geography standards with ELA, math, social studies, transition standards, and life skills, it’s a perfect way to help students make progress on their IEP goals and keep the momentum going into summer learning with standards-aligned, evidence-based instruction.

Fun Topics and Accessible Lessons: Perfect for All Learning Environments

With lessons and activities that increase in complexity as the grade bands progress, the Summer Unit offers consistency and accessibility for all learners.

Content includes:

  • ELA—leveled readings and writing activities
  • Math—percentages, money, measurements, and time
  • Science—geography and life science: animal habitats, characteristics, and traits
  • Social Studies—current events, holidays, history, geographical features, and maps
  • Transition—jobs, map reading, problem solving, community resources, and recreation activities

Check out a few of the specific theme-related activities you’ll find in the unit:

  • Using maps to locate the world’s oceans
  • Learning the characteristics of different plants and animals
  • Fun water games and beach-related activities

Entertainment and Exploration with Your Learners

It’s not too late to add high-quality learning, structure, and fun to your summer plans. You and your students will be glad you did! Request a trial now for free access starting on May 5, 2021!

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