A Recipe for Summer Success

Consistency and Structure for Unique Learners

Does your district’s summer school program support students with unique learning needs and/or children receiving Extended School Year services? Or perhaps you know parents who are looking for summer learning and enrichment for their unique learner who is not enrolled in a program? In each of these cases, having access to high-quality differentiated lessons, activities and instructional support is critical to a successful outcome. And it is an added bonus to have content that reflects the spirit of summer as a way of keeping students engaged during these months.

The challenge of unstructured time

For parents and children alike, the transition from school to summer activities requires planning and preparation. For parents of children with autism and other unique learning needs, summer can present an added challenge. The routine afforded by school and special learning programs, so important to their children’s well-being, may suddenly disappear. Having to face new situations, multiple transitions and unstructured time throughout the summer months can be daunting.

Summer learning with a fun twist

In response to these very real challenges, n2y offers a complimentary three-month summer unit within Unique Learning System that combines the rigor to keep students from regressing with a fun summer theme that keeps them engaged. The theme for summer 2020? At the Amusement Park!

Both teachers and parents can request a trial to access the unit and provide dynamic, age-appropriate lessons and activities all summer long for students in pre-K through transition. Combining a focus on physical science standards (think motion, force, gravity and energy related to amusement park rides) with ELA, math, social studies, transition standards and life skills. It’s a perfect way to help students make progress on their IEP goals and keep the momentum going from remote learning to summer learning.

Fun topics and age-appropriate lessons: Ideal for hands-on and remote learning

With carefully developed grade-level lessons and activities that increase with complexity as the grade bands progress, the n2y Summer Unit content offers consistency and accessibility throughout all levels and standards. In addition to the science topics, content area coverage includes:

  • ELA—high-quality leveled readings, including informational texts, accompanied by writing activities
  • Math—percentages, money, measurements and time
  • Social Studies—current events, holidays and history
  • Transition—jobs, map reading, problem solving

Here are a few of the specific theme-related activities you’ll find in the unit:

  • Exploring the motion of different amusement park rides
  • Making an amusement park favorite—corn dogs—in muffin form
  • Experimenting with the amount of energy it takes for a marble to loop the loop on a pool noodle roller coaster
  • Participating in popular amusement park games like ring toss and bowling during the Midway Field Day

Share some summer thrills, games and treats with your learners

It’s not too late to add high-quality learning, much-needed structure and good old-fashioned fun to your summer plans. You and your students will be glad you did. Request a trial now for free access starting on May 20, 2020!

And, finally, if you’re looking for more ways to fill your summer days with engagement, read our posts on ideas for fun and safe exploring both on- and offline, and educational activities ranging from storytelling to cooking.

Unique Learning System 2019 Summer Unit

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