Picture Support for Language, Learning and Communication

n2y Staff

Symbols help us to communicate and can be found everywhere, from signs and billboards, to walls and waiting rooms. Everyone who uses these visual supports benefits from them. Symbols support faster understanding, more complete cognition, and increased communication and participation for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Visual supports are important for knowledge transfer and learning. In fact, the use of symbols since early history was discussed in the article, What History and Research Say About Symbols.

n2y’s mission to assist all learners is ongoing and continues with the launch of SymbolStix SQUARESâ„¢, a new set of language, learning and communication manipulative cards designed for anyone who needs tactile image support for cognition and learning.

Visual Supports in Action

Visual supports are everywhere, which helps make learning accessible to everyone. Not only does SymbolStix PRIME® embrace this concept, it advances the capacity to teach and learn with communication support cards that are durable, portable and, above all, engaging.

SymbolStix SQUARES can be used at school in classrooms, for special subjects or on the go. At home, SymbolStix SQUARES can support school-based instruction as well as promote general communication and understanding. In outside therapy or aftercare, SymbolStix SQUARES can go where the learner goes.

What was once a passive learning strategy, now goes a step forward and is presented as a structured, active learning resource complete with mobile, hands-on access to education. It is reinforcement that suits your needs when and where you need it, including:

  • Classroom to home
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Daily practice for aphasia or dementia

Get Squared Away With Effective Teaching Resources

Enhancing communication, language and learning take place in all environments every day! Visual supports aid in the development and retention of foundational skills and personal independence.

SymbolStix SQUARES provide users with portable, durable, recognizable visual supports that introduce vocabulary, encourage conversation and enrich dialogue. With more options available now than ever before, efforts look promising for individuals with disabilities.

At the end of the day, one small effort is sometimes all it takes!

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