10 Reasons Why I Recommend Unique Learning System

Christine Reeve

Special Education Consultant

Reeve Autism Consulting

As a special education consultant who has worked with schools for over 20 years, I was happy to discover Unique Learning System. It’s no surprise that Unique Learning System has helped countless teachers across the country! The solution answers many of the challenges districts and teachers face when trying to provide their students with access to academic standards and specially designed instruction.

Here are 10 reasons why I recommend Unique Learning System

1. It’s research- and evidence-based

The fact that teachers can easily deliver differentiated lessons and activities using direct, explicit instruction ensures their students’ needs are met and meaningful progress occurs daily. I consult with teachers who work with learners from kindergarten all the way to adulthood. Finding age-appropriate, engaging, interactive content for students who need specially designed instruction can be challenging. With Unique Learning System, all students receive dynamic lessons that fit those criteria. And with grab‑and‑go lesson plans and instructional routines, Unique Learning System saves teachers from having to create lessons on various levels, because it is already done for them!

2. It’s tied to the general education standards

Most special education classrooms have students with different ability levels and ages. Trying to address all the standards needed for different grade levels and create meaningful activities takes significant time away from teaching. Unique Learning System provides differentiated lessons and materials that are standards-aligned so teachers can focus on their students during valuable learning time, and learners can make measurable growth toward state standards!

3. Thematic units focus on literacy and math instruction

I love that each unit has a science or social studies theme, and Unique Learning System also provides research- and evidence-based standards-aligned literacy and math instruction as its focus. The real‑world emergent literacy experience provides multiple text formats of various types of literature and writing opportunities students can relate to and get excited about! Teachers can feel confident knowing they are able to effectively target skills and track progress from foundational math skills through more advanced concepts like geometry and algebra.

4. Multiple units of instruction increase teacher autonomy

Special educators often have the task of aligning content with their district’s scope and sequence or pacing with general education curriculum. Unique Learning System saves teachers valuable planning time with access to multiple instructional units! Educators can choose when they want to teach a unit and for how long, giving them more flexibility and autonomy in their planning and instructing process. Plus, if teachers have multi‑grade band access, they can assign lessons and activities within those grade bands to any student. I love that educators now have access to even more content for their unique learners!

5. High-leverage instructional practices support a variety of students

This is another huge benefit because I know how much time it takes teachers to create all the visuals needed for specific activities. Unique Learning System has updated characters and visuals built right into the lessons and activities, which saves teachers time and allows learners to see themselves represented!

Students stay connected and learn with high-interest content such as interactive online tasks, hands-on activities, experiments, and crafts. They also have multiple ways to interact with content, including text‑to‑speech, drag‑and‑drop, auditory-visual cues, and more. There is even a marker tool that writes and highlights right on the text! This variety of visuals and tools helps ensure all learners’ needs are met.

How can you further support your students with reading comprehension and communication? When learning to read is not the main objective of the lesson, symbol supports can be turned on or off to support student comprehension and communication. Symbol supports can help meet student needs while also providing accommodations outlined in the IEP.

6. The Goals, Preferences, and Skills hub provides progress monitoring

The progress monitoring component of Unique Learning System is called GPS, which stands for Goals, Preferences, and Skills, and allows teachers to make data-driven decisions. GPS automatically saves students’ progress through profiles, benchmark assessments, and unit checkpoints. Teacher reports can easily be used to ensure learners are on track to meet their goals. This helps educators see how a student is performing, regardless of the setting. As you may know, I am big on saving time, and having assessments already written is another huge time‑saver!

7. Administrators can provide training and support

Administrators often have the difficult task of overseeing and monitoring classrooms, staff, and students with different needs. The administrator reports allow schools to monitor utilization, student logins, and district-wide performance data to ensure compliance with state standards and more. All information is gathered in one place and gives administrators the appropriate tools to train teams and support the success of those using Unique Learning System throughout the district.

8. Student View offers increased flexibility

Another component I love about Unique Learning System is that all educators and service providers can support individual students and online class participation using the interactive documents also known as iDocs. Learners can work directly in Student View iDocs and data is automatically collected! With its customizable settings, teachers can individualize the support provided to reflect the variety of skill levels and accessibility needs of unique learners. This saves time and ensures students learn and remain engaged while ensuring IEP goals are attainable.

9. Complimentary Smart Starts give teachers the confidence to implement

The number and quality of resources and professional learning n2y provides for teachers and administrators to get started is invaluable. One of my favorite supports is called Smart Start Learning Pathway, an on‑demand, video-based onboarding for new Unique Learning System users that is included free with every licensed subscription! It’s tailored to support any n2y solution so users can quickly learn the solution, ensuring implementation and students are ready on day one. And regular Live@n2ywebinars are another avenue for gaining new ways to use Unique Learning System, too!

10. The price is great for the materials provided and the time it saves teachers

I’m amazed at how much value Unique Learning System fits into one solution, offered at a classroom subscription rate (up to 15 students). When I think of everything that’s included, like differentiated lessons aligned to state standards, assessments, enrichment activities, home access, administrator tools, and more, I’m convinced Unique Learning System is a wonderful gift!

I hope my insights into how Unique Learning System enhances teaching in so many ways, especially by lightening the load on educators and freeing them to spend more time with their students, are helpful for anyone interested in exploring new options for instruction.

About the Author

Christine Reeve provides technical assistance and professional development to schools around the U.S. After working in higher education for 13 years, she founded Reeve Autism Consulting. Christine has authored several books for special education, including <em>Taming the Data Monster</em> and <em>Setting Up Classroom Spaces for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder</em>. She is also the author of the website <a href="https://autismclassroomresources.com/"> Autism Classroom News and Resources</a>.