LRP 2019 Booth #618

n2y attended LRP’s National Institute 2019 in Orlando with Unique Learning System, our award-winning standards-based online curriculum featuring powerful assessment and data tools.

Fully compliant with federal and state ESSA requirements, Unique Learning System enables students with unique learning needs to access the general education curriculum. Its Goals, Preferences and Skills (GPS) data collection and assessment center determines each student’s current level of performance to help develop standards-based IEP goals.

How We Ensure Compliance and Fidelity

Attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Discover how teachers can create student profiles in the GPS that collect and evaluate data to define the students’ next appropriate goals.
  • See how Benchmark Assessments and Checkpoints help track and monitor students’ progress in targeted skill areas.
  • Learn how your district can measure and monitor students’ progress and ensure consistency across their entire educational career.

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