MSLBD 2019

n2y attended the 37th Annual Midwest Symposium for Leadership in Behavior Disorders in Kansas City, February 21–23, where we presented our groundbreaking learning solution, Positivity, designed specifically to support behavior and classroom management.

Positivity empowers self-regulation through online delivery of proactive, evidence-based strategies that support emotional control and executive function, enabling students to actively participate in learning and achieve independence.

Positivity in Action

Attendees had the opportunity to:

  • Explore first-hand the seven core behavior strategies within Positivity.
  • Experience how the simple data gathering and reporting tools can help improve accuracy and save time.
  • See how Positivity integrates seamlessly with our other learning programs, adding a vital component to our total special education solution.

Couldn’t make it to APBS but still want to know more about Positivity? Schedule a live demo today!

Positivity brochure featured at MSLBD.

Want to know more about our behavioral solution designed to support classroom management and empower students’ self-regulation? Check out our brochure on Positivity.

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