Frequently Asked Questions

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A license is an annual subscription that grants one user (teacher, therapist, or parent) access to one of the n2y products. Each product must be purchased individually for classroom or individual instruction. A single license to Unique Learning System allows the user one grade band. If more than one grade band is needed in a classroom, then additional licenses can be purchased for that user. Organizations supporting a group of users should purchase a license for each staff member to access the product(s).


Each teacher with a paid subscription to a single license has access to one grade band. Select the grade band that is appropriate to the majority of your students' chronological ages. This provides students with the best connection to standards-based instruction.  All materials in Unique Learning System have been modified through differentiated task levels to address a wide range of abilities.  


The ULS grade bands are:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary (K-2)
  • Intermediate (3-5)
  • Middle School (6-8)
  • High School (9-12)
  • Transition (12 +)

Teachers who have a multi-grade classroom (e.g., K-6) should select the one grade band that addresses the majority of the student’s chronological grade. There is adequate overlap between the grade band levels to cover some grade differences. If you feel that access to more than one grade band will better suit your classroom, an additional grade band can be purchased.

If you find that you need to switch grade bands, contact n2y customer support at

(800) 697-6575 to have your Unique Learning System subscription updated. Grade bands may be changed once per school year.

Yes, you can start a subscription on any day of the year, and we require at least a 365 subscription period.  

n2y can add additional licenses and prorate the subscription time and cost to sync with the existing subscription(s).

Yes, you can manage your licenses as needed throughout your subscription. Teacher management is supported by an administrator from within the website.

No, but it has 5 reading levels, all of which are included in one subscription.

The interactive activities can be supported by a variety of platforms, including a desktop computer, laptop, interactive whiteboard or a tablet. All activities are accessed through your web browser, so you simply need to make sure your browser has the latest updates.

Any weekday between 8:00am and 4:30pm EST. You can email Customer Support any time at

Unique Learning System has a complete alignment to state and educational standards through instructional targets. These targets are the bridge between the general content standards adopted by a state and relevant curriculum content for students with significant disabilities. The Alignment Tools are available on the website under Teacher Reference Materials > Alignment Tools. These tools contain documents and targets for connecting lessons and materials to standards. The alignment map will default to your state's standards.

Student View opens materials in a student-friendly and secure area on the website, which prevents navigation to other webpages or sections of the n2y website that are confidential (such as student data). Student View gives you control over each student's monthly lessons and allows you to designate the reading level and differentiated level for each student. Additionally, you can set accessibility preferences for each student and choose which lessons to show when the student is in this area.


The Suggested Monthly Plan advises on solutions to implement the monthly unit materials, core materials and pre- and post-assessments into routine-based classroom instruction. The Plan is an example of how to sequence and pace monthly lessons and activities. It encourages repetition with each monthly lesson in order to build comprehension and extend learning for each instructional target presented in the lesson.

The GPS in Unique Learning System is a data collection center designed to identify individual student goals, preferences and skills within educational learning tasks.  All areas of assessment within the GPS have been created to accommodate students with complex learning needs.  Assessment results are stored on the n2y secure website to allow for growth measures to be monitored over the years.

The GPS has an array of assessment tools. These can be administered to effectively identify and monitor a student's goals, preferences and abilities in relation to the instructional practices within the Unique Learning System curriculum framework.

An annual News-2-You subscription includes access to 41 weekly newspaper editions. It is published weekly throughout the school year, from September through May, and then monthly during June, July and August. In addition to the weekly newspaper editions, Breaking News articles are added throughout the week and can serve as supplemental coverage in the classroom. The newspaper and related activities are released the Thursday before the publication date and stay online for two weeks at a time.

Resources such as the Suggested Weekly Plan and News-2-You Lesson Plans are provided to assist in planning and instruction. The Suggested Weekly Plan advises on solutions to implement vocabulary, reading articles and activities into routine-based classroom instruction. It encourages repetition with each weekly newspaper issue and the activities in order to build comprehension and extend learning. The News-2-You Lesson Plans describes the overall purpose and focuses on expanding the instructional direction of the weekly materials.

Unique Learning System and News-2-You are built around the same instructional targets which align to state and educational standards. Many of the materials contain the same format and have symbols to support learning materials. Both Unique Learning System and News-2-You use differentiated task levels to give suggested instructional strategies to include all levels of learners.

n2y publishes a monthly correlation document called the n2y Link that provides suggestions on how to integrate News-2-You’s weekly newspaper into Unique Learning System’s monthly unit topic. News-2-You also attempts to provide relevant news that correlates with Unique Learning System's monthly unit topics in both the weekly newspaper and the World News Section.

SymbolStix PRIME is currently home to over 30,000 symbols, with 400+ new symbols added each month!

Use SymbolStix PRIME’s Board Wizard™ by selecting from dozens of pre-built templates, device overlays or by creating your own customized board using AutoGrid™. Symbols can also be downloaded and used in third party creation software to make supporting activities.

The use of SymbolStix symbols in the production of materials with commercial distribution requires a license agreement from n2y. Please click on the following link and fill out the SymbolStix Licensing Request Form so we can gather more information.

SymbolStix Licensing Request Form