A Student-Friendly Gaming Environment That Promotes Skill Building and Task Completion

Completing a game and reaching a new skill level are strong motivators in online gaming—and in learning. With its research-based design and embedded guidance, L3 Skills provides this sense of accomplishment in a safe, encouraging environment.

Promote perseverance with built-in coaching and support

Students playing the games in L3 Skills receive guidance in the form of onscreen directions, clearly spoken instructions, and encouraging feedback—all designed to build and reward perseverance and lead to long-term achievement. And when they find a game they really enjoy, they’re encouraged to continue playing to hone and practice their skills.

Provide a safe environment of constructive play

Presented with predictable navigation and visually uncluttered design, the games allow and urge students to test their skills in new scenarios, try new approaches, and track their own growth. Use this form of goal-oriented play to improve learning, creative thinking, and retention!

Are you ready to see it in action?

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