AssistiveWare and n2y Bring News-2-You to iPad

Amsterdam, the Netherlands—AssistiveWareToday, AssistiveWare and n2y released their News-2-You app, a special education online weekly newspaper, to iPad. Every week, students can connect with the world through symbol-supported news articles, puzzles, games and recipes.

The newspaper is designed for teaching and expanding literacy skills, from basic awareness of symbols and print, to reading fluently with comprehension. This app spurs learning and increases communication while aligning to Reading and Speaking and Listening Standards.

Each edition includes current events, a recipe, a joke page, sports news and a variety of interactive games and puzzles for fun learning. News can be read using natural sounding text-to-speech voices, providing word and sentence highlighting. American male, female, boy and girl voices, as well as many specialty voices, are available as a free download.

The News-2-You app can be used with multiple students. Each student can get their own settings. Reading progress and answers to the exercises are tracked per student. Students can be locked into a specific edition or chapter or freely navigate all of the downloaded editions.

“We strongly believe in the benefits of having a symbol-supported newspaper for beginning readers and kids with special needs, so being able to work together with n2y in bringing this solution to iPad is something that we are very proud of,” commented David Niemeijer, founder and CEO of AssistiveWare.

News-2-You is free to download on the App Store. It includes a sample edition to give you an idea of the features and content. Existing News-2-You subscribers access the editions by connecting to their n2y account. An iPad subscription or single editions can also be purchased right inside the app. “Today’s school environment is showing the use of iPads in classrooms more and more. As many of our subscribers have been waiting for it, we are definitely pleased to now finally be able to offer our newspaper on iPad.”, said CEO and founder of n2y, Jacquie Clark. The collaboration between n2y and AssistiveWare dates back to 2009, when AssistiveWare released the first Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solution for iOS: Proloquo2Go. The award-winning app includes n2y’s SymbolStix symbols, which are also used for the News-2-You weekly newspaper. For the News-2-You app, the companies partnered-up once again to serve children with special needs. A News-2-You yearly subscription includes 41 regular editions published per year. Interested? Download the free app that includes one sample edition to try it out! More information about the app is available from

About AssistiveWare

AssistiveWare is the worldwide leader in innovative assistive technology software for Mac OS X and iOS. This includes award-winning KeyStrokes and TouchStrokes virtual keyboards, SwitchXS scanning on-screen keyboard, LayoutKitchen panel editor, Proloquo multi-purpose speech solution, award-winning VisioVoice for vision impaired Mac users, Pictello visual storytelling app for iOS as well as the groundbreaking and award-winning Proloquo2Go communication solution for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The ConvenienceWare product line makes the advanced technologies developed by AssistiveWare available in cool and convenient applications that make the life of Mac users easier.

About n2y

n2y is a cloud-based special education publishing company based in Huron, Ohio. n2y products include News-2-You weekly current events newspaper, Unique Learning System standards-based curriculum, and SymbolStix dynamic symbol set. The News-2-You current events newspaper utilizes concise, symbol-supported text to deliver current events news to the special needs population. Unique Learning System is the only comprehensive standards-based curriculum specifically designed for special learners. SymbolStix Online is the industry standard symbol set used exclusively throughout the n2y product suite, and is licensed globally by many software and hardware developers. For additional information, please visit us at