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Thriving students who become thriving adults. It’s the primary goal of every educational institution out there—particularly those serving students with cognitive difficulties. At n2y, we recognize that the path to thriving is not the same for every learner, so we’ve created solutions that support their journey. If you support preschool to transition students with intellectual challenges on their quest for continuously enriching lives, we support you.
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  • interactive special education materials
    Unique Learning System

    Unique Learning System allows all students the opportunity to reach their full potential with six grade bands along with access to the general education curriculum and content standards.

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  • special education newspaper

    News-2-You is a weekly newspaper connecting students with special needs to the world around them, through relevant current events topics.

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  • symbols for communication
    SymbolStix PRIME

    SymbolStix PRIME is a communication tool for learners with speech and language difficulties to create meaningful dialogue and understanding.

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  • L3 Skills™

    L3 Skills provides age-appropriate activities that allow individuals with special needs to master important educational concepts and lifelong learning skills.

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  • special education professioanl development
    Professional Development

    n2y Professional Development ensures implementation of Unique Learning System with fidelity to improve student and teacher outcomes.

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n2y has allowed my students to demonstrate outstanding growth in academic and social skill areas. Unique Learning System curriculum is unbelievably wonderful!

Jennifer Gonzalez, special needs teacher

Jennifer Gonzalez


West Haven Board of Education, CT

Access the Right Solutions for You

Educational solutions to support your entire team and unlock the potential in every student.

Differentiated Instruction

Options for print, technology or a blended learning approach.

Level 1 Support: For students who require extensive and pervasive support. Increasing participation is the main objective to allow each student to learn in their own unique way.

Level 2 Support: For students who may require symbol support and other direct instruction for learning and comprehension.

Level 3 Support: For students who can effectively read text, produce simple writing, perform basic math processes, and demonstrate independent comprehension of modified learning information.

Standards Alignment

Aligns to ELA state standards and instruction with age-respectful and developmentally-appropriate reading lessons for users of all ages and skill levels. Incorporates the five pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Aligns to math state standards and instruction: one-to-one correspondence, number sense, measurement, graphing, telling time, geometry, algebra and more.

Aligns to state academic social studies content standards, lessons and materials.

Aligns to state academic science content standards and instruction.

Data-driven Instruction

Track data with summative and formative data across a student’s educational career.

Indicate a student’s present level of performance with four profile tiers: Self-Help Skills, Pre‑K, K–12 Student Learning and Transition.

Collect baseline data and monitor progress in targeted skill areas including reading, ELA, math, transition and emerging skills with Benchmark Assessments.

Plan for adult living and career readiness with the transition lessons and transition planning.

Track results against IEP or educational goals.

Monitor students, teachers, schools and districts with powerful reporting tools.

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