n2y provides

Special Education Resources for Parents

to provide quality educational content for use at home and school. Whether your goal is comprehensive home education or supporting daily academics, n2y can help!

Lesson Plans, Activities and Materials

  • Includes age-respectful lessons, books, activities, and more for home-based learning.
  • Addresses academic skills with a focus on critical life skills through all grades.
  • Accommodates age and ability differences within the special education resources. 
  • Ends the search for quality, standards-based content with activities, lessons, and lesson plans in one place.

Language and Literacy Through News

  • Connects your child to news stories about people, places, and events around the world.
  • Encourages reading using current technologies, text to speech, leveled vocabulary, and compelling stories.
  • Facilitates interest, literacy, and opinion formation for a lifetime.
  • Establishes shared context for questions and discussions in daily life.

Symbols for Communication and Daily Life

  • Creates symbol-supported materials for home and everyday activities. 
  • Includes dozens of templates and a searchable library to help you easily and quickly produce visual supports. 
  • Incorporates the same SymbolStix symbols used in classroom and therapy settings into the home environment. 
  • Allows photo uploads to include personally relevant images of family and home life. 


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