Optimizing Positivity
for your technology

The evidence-based strategies in Positivity have the power to help students de‑stress, focus, complete tasks, and build confidence, with the ultimate result of opening minds to learning. Pairing these executive functioning strategies with your technology for timely, proactive delivery reduces behavior disruptions and keeps the focus on learning.

shared computer model

If you currently have one computer there are many ways to take advantage of Positivity’s powerful strategies. Create printable social narratives and decision trees for delivery to the whole group or individuals. Schedule alarms as reminders for transitions or personalized needs. Share video modeling to prepare students for upcoming events or tasks.

Medium-Tech interactive model

Display the visual schedule for the whole group throughout the day with a computer and interactive whiteboard. Workflows, incentive charts and breath strategies also can be displayed. Encourage cooperative learning by presenting video modeling or social narratives on the big screen.

1:1 model

A computer, whiteboard and 1:1 devices offer the greatest flexibility in personalizing strategies in Positivity. Customize visual schedules to meet the needs of individuals. Target decision trees, social narratives and incentives to address specific students’ behavior goals. Discreetly deliver breath strategies, breaks and alarms to individuals. And let Positivity’s strategies help students as they transition between self-contained, virtual or inclusion learning settings throughout the school with their personal devices.

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