A strong foundation
supports confident implementation

Getting started with fidelity is a key to your long-term success with n2y solutions—and to your positive student outcomes. That’s why we’ve developed a high-quality, accessible Foundations Learning Pathway that’s included with your purchase of Total Solution, Unique Learning System, Positivity, News‑2‑You, SymbolStix PRIME, or L3 Skills. This set of complimentary, self-paced online courses, integrated into your learning solution and available 24/7, is designed to support your initial implementation and efficiently train every new subscriber. It serves as a prerequisite for the Essentials and Essentials Pro Learning Pathways and comes with a certificate of attendance and badge after completion.


n2y Total Solution

Getting Started with n2y’s Total Solution
  • Entering a Schedule
  • Adding a Class Roster
  • Seating and Assigning Activities to Students
  • Exploring the Integration among Solutions

Unique Learning System®

Getting Started with Unique Learning System
  • Introduction to Unique Learning System
  • The Teacher Dashboard
  • Create Student Profiles
  • Lesson Plans and Suggested Monthly Plan
  • Introduction to GPS


Getting Started with Positivity
  • Welcome to Positivity
  • Create and Add Strategies in Positivity


Getting Started with News‑2‑You
  • Welcome to News-2-You
  • News-2-You Lesson Plans and Differentiated Expectations

SymbolStix PRIME®

Getting Started with SymbolStix PRIME
  • Welcome to SymbolStix PRIME
  • Organize Symbols and Create Activities

L3 Skills®

Getting Started with L3 Skills
  • Welcome to L3 Skills


Getting Started for Administrators
  • Discover the Administration Tool

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