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Unique Learning System Curriculum Materials

Unique Learning System is an online, standards-based curriculum specially designed for students with special needs to access the general education curriculum. The rigorous, standards-based materials are differentiated allowing each student to participate, learn and grow.

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News-2-You is a weekly online newspaper that connects students with the world through news and current events topics. A supplementary tool for literacy and learning, News-2-You gives students the context to engage in conversations inside and outside the classroom.

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SymbolStix PRIME is for individuals with communication and learning needs, as well as beginning writers and ESL/ELL students. Delivering a dynamic and personally relevant symbol set, SymbolStix PRIME depicts people, events and activities that are educationally relevant and appropriate for all ages.

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I teach a class with students that have intellectual disabilities. In my class, I have students in kindergarten through fifth grade. I have so many different ability levels in this one classroom. Unique Learning System lets me teach all of my students at all of their individual levels. I love SymbolStix PRIME for the pictures for my word wall and lessons. I use News-2-You for content as well. The experiments are especially a favorite of my students. Thank you for everything that you do to help me teach my students.

Jill Guettler, special education teacher

Jill Guettler


St. Lucie Public Schools, FL