Dallas Independent School District Unique Learning System

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Dallas Independent School District, the second-largest district in Texas, had a goal to improve special education teaching and learning while reducing overall curriculum expenditures. This would require finding a cost-effective, comprehensive solution to replace their “less-efficient legacy program”—one that addresses all the core subjects in one program.

What initially sold the district on Unique Learning System was that “you can find everything you need in this one program.” During their deployment, teachers also grew to love the program for its comprehensive approach to assessment as well as its interactive instructional approach. Educators have noted that “students are more engaged in their learning, more active,” and the program’s benchmarking capabilities have led to an increase in the state STAAR Alternate Assessment pass rate.

Download the full report to see more student results, discover DISD’s advice on what has made their implementation successful and find out why teachers “just can’t teach” without Unique Learning System!

Dallas Independent School Case Study of Unique Learning System

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