Los Angeles Unified School District Unique Learning System

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As the second largest district in the U.S., the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) serves 9,000 students with a wide variety of disabilities and learning needs across more than 1,200 alternate curriculum classrooms. The district was challenged with implementing a consistent special education solution to meet a wide spectrum of student needs while also providing training and support for up to 1,000 special educators. After a brief pilot with Unique Learning System, LAUSD mandated its use districtwide to ensure successful implementation. Recognizing the importance of training and teacher buy-in for such a large-scale deployment, a specialist tasked with overseeing the implementation developed a multi-pronged approach to supporting educators, including a weekly e-newsletter, webinars, monthly training sessions, weekly support group meetings and incentives such as an LCD classroom projector. Download the full report to learn more about how one of the largest school districts in the country achieved a successful implementation of Unique Learning System across 1,000 schools and used the program’s Checkpoint Assessments to demonstrate an overall 100 percent increase in accuracy among all students with special learning needs.

Los Angeles Unified School District & Unique Learning System Case Study

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