A comprehensive approach to maximizing student outcomes

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Why do tens of thousands of educators rely on n2y’s Total Solution? Because it addresses the whole child while easing the day‑to‑day demands of teachers. Award‑winning daily instruction within differentiated, standards-aligned lessons means less time planning while fully integrated behavior management means more time learning. By synchronizing the work of the entire team—administrators and teachers, therapists and paraprofessionals—the focus stays right where it should be: teaching and nurturing your unique learners, regardless of where they learn, and ensuring they make meaningful, measurable progress.

Helping every unique learner to reach their full potential

Isn’t that the ultimate goal, for your students to become as independent as they can possibly be? Each unique journey can be expertly guided with standards-aligned, differentiated instruction and assessment, in‑the‑moment behavior management, universal symbol support, weekly current events, and skill-building games—all supported by best-in-class professional development. And as your students move through their different learning environments throughout the day, the cloud-based content stays right in step with them, wherever they are.

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Assessments and data measure growth of the whole child

n2y’s Total Solution assessments and the resulting data aren’t just about measuring academic growth—they measure student growth. So while a wide range of assessments are tracking progress within the content areas, extensive behavior reporting is analyzing trends and pointing to strategies, detailed data is showing progress with skills practice, and reports are covering every area of the student’s IEP.

Save time with a centralized approach

All of the individual programs in the Total Solution work together seamlessly, so global progress monitoring and reporting tools are all housed in one centralized location. As students are assessed on the general education curriculum, service providers can review academic progress reports while also tracking behavior incidents and achievements, and skills growth to drive instruction and meet IEP compliance.

Improve parent communication and collaboration

Every parent wants to see their child thrive and grow! The robust and comprehensive global reporting within the Total Solution gives parents an accurate picture of the whole child, from goal setting, academic progress, behavior, and communication to independent functioning.

Improve student outcomes

Formative and summative assessments work hand-in-hand to inform IEPs and drive daily instruction. Service providers can use these assessments to continually measure, monitor, and adjust their instruction to make sure students are not only making progress but are also getting the most out of every lesson and activity in the Total Solution.

Soar through the next IEP meeting

IEP meetings don’t have to be so stressful! With the Total Solution, you’ll be able to show real growth and produce the data behind every document.

Create and maintain IEPs

Let the powerful workflows do all of the legwork behind creating accurate present levels of performance and keeping your IEPs data‑driven.

Show real progress on age‑appropriate, grade level material

Your unique learners access the general education curriculum through dynamic, differentiated lessons. The award‑winning instruction is updated monthly and connected right at point‑of‑use to your state standards, making it easy for administrators to meet state and federal guidelines.

Easily demonstrate compliance with IDEA and ESSA

Meaningful, data‑driven reporting points the way to positive student growth, resulting in fewer due process requests.

Never miss a beat with n2y’s Total Solution

  • Collaborate Collaborate and establish rapport with parents to make the IEP process a positive, productive conversation.
  • Comply Comply with all ESSA requirements, reduce due process requests, and improve student outcomes.
  • Access Give unique learners differentiated access to the same curriculum as their peers, from pre-K through transition.
  • Save Time Save time on IEPs by using the data that’s automatically collected to show measurable progress.
  • Cultivate Cultivate real growth through accurate assessments and full social emotional learning support.
  • Succeed Help unique learners to truly succeed, with greater opportunities for transition and life beyond school.

Proud Winner of a 2020 CODiE Award!

Not only did the Total Solution win a prestigious CODiE award as Best Solution for Exceptional Students; Positivity was named Best Data Solution and we were named finalists in four additional categories!

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The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.