n2y provides

Special Education Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists

to provide researched-based interventions, literacy development tools, and lessons with embedded language supports for students.

Embedded Language Supports

  • Includes language and communication supports inside lessons and as separate communication tools within the monthly lessons.
  • Our special education resources for speech-language pathologist encourages generalization of students' language skills through ready-made activities.
  • Promotes successful pragmatic interactions through consistent, reliable, and repetitive therapy tools.
  • Stimulates cooperative team planning and service delivery in classroom and therapy settings with volume and variety of materials.

Language Development Through News

  • Prompts meaningful interactions through news and current events articles and activities.
  • Combines a variety of special needs resources for speech-language pathologists for pragmatic turn-taking, articulation practice and communication skill enhancement.
  • Delivers engaging articles and interactive lessons online with text to speech and reading with highlighting.
  • Provides shared context for conversations, questions, and explorations of general interest topics such as weather, sports, entertainment and more.

Symbols and Visual Supports

  • Supplies dozens of activity templates and includes a searchable library of nearly 30,000 symbols to produce specific therapy materials and special ed resources for speech-language pathologists.
  • Adapts content quickly to promote effective therapy sessions for your busy caseload.
  • Reads your creations aloud via text to speech and prints created materials in seconds.
  • Uses the same symbols from Unique Learning System, News-2-You, and many popular personal communication devices and apps.


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