n2y provides

Special Education Resources for Teachers

to plan and deliver quality, standards-based and individualized daily lessons to students with special needs in grades preschool, K-12, and transition.

Access to Content Standards

  • Delivers monthly, standards-based, differentiated, and age-respectful cloud-based curriculum and teaching materials for special education.
  • Incorporates special education resources for teachers including engaging interactive lessons and materials for all ages.
  • Assesses students' knowledge with monthly pre-tests, post-tests, and rubrics.
  • Guides instruction and implementation with detailed lesson plans and data collection tools.

Language and Literacy Through News

  • Connects students to stories about people, places, and events around the world with supports for understanding.
  • Extends the themed lessons with coordinating activities to expand understanding of the content.
  • Exposes students to the same trusted program and news source used in thousands of classrooms for nearly 20 years. 
  • Provides shared context for fun, effective and dynamic language interactions. 

Symbols for Communication and Learning

  • Creates materials to support students across settings through this unique special education teacher tool.
  • Enhances instruction and understanding using visual supports in daily activities/instruction.
  • Extends lessons from Unique Learning System, News-2-You, classroom activities, or speech-language sessions. 
  • Includes the searchable SymbolStix library with relevant symbols for daily use. An award-winning special education teacher resource. 


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