Guiding special educators
and their students to success

Administrators using Unique Learning System in their districts have a high-level view into how every teacher and every student is performing, enabling them to deliver timely and efficient resources, training and support to optimize their program.

Unique Learning System Administrator Reports

Lead with vision

With access at the Administrator level, you can monitor Unique Learning System’s implementation for fidelity and support your school or district’s positive outcomes with clear insights into staff performance and student progress.

Ensure compliance with powerful data

Clear, reliable data and customizable reporting offer overviews at the district, school, grade band or individual student level to ensure compliance and support decision making on professional development, resourcing or other support needs.

Unique Learning System Checkpoint Report

Empower your whole team

Offering both Administrator and Sub-Administrator (Principal and Special Education Coordinator) accounts, Unique Learning System provides special progress monitoring tools that enable you to view, manage and run reports on the teachers you supervise.

Align your resources and curriculum

All Administrators have read-only access to lessons, lesson plans and activities to support teacher planning and ensure alignment with the district curriculum and state standards.

Unique Learning System Administrator Tools

Manage at a higher level with special tools for Administrators

Within Unique Learning System, dedicated tools help Administrators oversee the selection and scheduling of assessments, completion of individual student profiles, assigning of teachers and students, mandatory reporting, communication with families and more.

Administrator FYI

An overview of the standards-based curriculum, great for sharing with colleagues, decision makers and parents

n2y Dictionary

A reference with definitions of the common language used in n2y products and in the special education classroom

Observation Checklist

A form that facilitates monitoring the implementation and use of Unique Learning System content in each classroom

ULS Implementation Plan

A suggested timeline for implementing the courses and lessons into your organization and classrooms

Records Release Form

A form that enables the transfer of student profiles and data in the GPS from one district to the next

GPS Student Planning Guide

A document that assists in the selection of assessments for each student in the GPS

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.