Advancing literacy in every student

With meaningful, age-respectful and developmentally appropriate lessons, Unique Learning System helps students develop a lifelong love of reading. Covering all the vital pillars of reading instruction—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension—our complete reading program offers monthly ELA instruction, specific approaches and methods for unique learners and reading materials that are fine-tuned for each of the six grade bands, preschool through transition.

Unique Learning System Reading Lesson and Extended Standards

Meet grade-level extended standards with comprehensive ELA instruction

Lessons in each monthly unit provide seamless, consistent access to state ELA extended standards, allowing teachers to effectively target and monitor standards-based goals on a student’s IEP.

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Comprehension
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Word Recognition
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas
  • Fluency
  • Range and Text Complexity
  • Key Ideas and Details
  • Print Concepts
  • Craft and Structure
  • Production and Distribution of Writing
Unique Learning System Guided Reading Lesson Plan

Build skills with guided reading and differentiated lessons

Scaffolded lessons differentiated for three levels of ability allow students to begin at their level, then move up to more challenging content with repeated exposure to:

  • High-frequency words
  • Vocabulary and key concepts
  • Phonics/early reading instruction
  • Nonfiction, informational text
  • Thematic units that cover a full range of reading and ELA standards
n2y Library

Extend & enhance learning in the n2y Library

Ideal as a complement to Unique Learning System’s complete reading program or as a fully independent guided reading resource, the n2y Library offers more than 1,000 leveled books covering a wide range of topics to match any interest. Use the library to supplement classroom instruction, extend learning or encourage home engagement. You and your students can interact with books online using text-to-speech, highlighting and accessibility settings or print for offline instruction and enjoyment.

Immerse students in the world’s great literature with Inspire Classics

Take advantage of the full support available within this add-on to Unique Learning System and teach 12 of the world’s greatest novels and plays to your middle and high school students! Inspire Classics gives students equitable access to groundbreaking literature through adapted and symbol supported versions, plus standards-based lesson plans with activities that are differentiated to four levels. You can now give the priceless gift of classic literature to all students!

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.