A powerful, all-in-one learning platform

Special educators using Unique Learning System have it all—from one trusted source: the latest digital instructional delivery platform, content that’s differentiated and aligned to meet national and state extended standards, assessment and data tools to guide instructional decisions, embedded life and transition skills to put students on a path to independence, and best-in-class instructional support.

Simplify scheduling, planning, preparation and instruction

Unique Learning System Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Dashboard

From the powerful Teacher Dashboard, it’s easy and intuitive to set up a class schedule and My Plan, which enables you to deliver and assess each month’s lessons. From the Dashboard, take advantage of Student Daily Performance tracking to ensure compliance and simplify reporting.

Unique Learning System Lesson Plan

Lesson Plans

Daily, weekly and monthly customizable lesson plans are aligned at point-of-use to your state’s extended standards, with lessons differentiated for three ability levels. In addition to the standards, lesson plans display instructional targets for each themed activity, instructional routines, learning goals and academic vocabulary.

Regain valuable time to focus on helping every student succeed!

Teacher and student doing an interactive activity on a white board

Your class, your way

With Unique Learning System you have full flexibility in how you deliver your instruction. Open lessons with one click from the daily lesson planner (My Plan) on your Dashboard, then display content on whiteboards, computers or tablets, and interact with students in whole-group, small-group or individual settings. Choose each day from a range of fun, stimulating activities including text read-alouds, interactive online tasks, hands-on activities, experiments and crafts. And provide multiple opportunities for students to show what they know, including text to speech, drag and drop, auditory-visual supports, and much more.

Unique Learning System My Plan Setup

Ensure ideal pacing and standards mastery

Up to 30 dynamic, thematic lessons per unit—comprehensive standards-based ELA, math, social studies and science content across six grade bands from pre-K through transition—include recommended monthly pacing to keep you on track for covering all the standards. And we continually monitor your state’s standards so you don’t have to!

Unique Learning System Differentiated Lesson

Boost motivation
and engagement through differentiation

In addition to saving you valuable time, built-in differentiation of daily lessons and activities promotes student engagement and learning. Students experience the pride of progress as they master concepts delivered at an appropriate level and then advance.

Unique Learning System Configure Student View

Enhance outcomes through Student Daily Performance tracking

From the Teacher Dashboard, a real-time 1:1 connection to the Student View allows for personalized instruction, more targeted support and greater success.

Student Daily Performance Tracking

This must-have monitoring tool empowers teachers and administrators to track student progress on a daily basis, enabling you to make timely adjustments to support learning and boost student growth. Document daily work completed by each student for easy reporting on compliance with standards-based IEP goals and add observational data, including accommodations being used, for a more complete picture of each student.

Daily reporting is also ideal for keeping parents, therapists, and paraprofessionals up to date on student progress.

Unique Learning System Life Skills Activity

Reinforce practical life and transition skills

Beginning at the preschool grade band, monthly lessons fully integrate practical transition and life skills to start learners on the path to independence. For older students, dedicated transition planning resources and a post-high school transition grade band help students prepare realistically for the work and daily living skills they will need beyond school.

Add enrichment and efficiency with an Integrated Total Solution

Enhancing consistency and ease of use, Unique Learning System’s comprehensive instructional and assessment capabilities are integrated with n2y’s total special education solution. Add powerful classroom management and social emotional learning support with Positivity and provide independent practice in both academic and life skills with L3 Skills. Scheduling and student information transfer automatically between these solutions with simple one-time setup.

Consistent connections

Lesson plans in Unique Learning System reference relevant activities in L3 Skills to streamline assignment. Monthly links to News-2-You help students make connections between the concepts they are studying and current events. And every component in the Total Solution is connected by the dynamic symbol language in SymbolStix PRIME.

Unique Learning System Parent Letters

Empower caregiver involvement and student independence

Customizable letters to parents, newsletter writing activities, suggested books and word study lists all help to strengthen the school-to-home connection and engage families in their students’ learning.

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.