Total Solution Guided Tour

28 min 50 sec

Discover how using the Total Solution enhances instruction, assessment and reporting; ensures compliance; dramatically simplifies the educator’s role and improves teacher satisfaction; boosts student outcomes; and more! See all of our research-based components in action and learn:

  • How the differentiated, standards‑aligned lessons Unique Learning System simplify the day‑to‑day demands on teachers
  • How access to data and reporting across solutions ensures fidelity and compliance
  • How to boost literacy and communication skills using the rich informational content and accessibility levels in News‑2‑You
  • How to optimize learning using the symbol and communication tools in SymbolStix PRIME
  • How to enrich your lessons with the skills-based games in the motivating environment of L3 Skills
  • How Positivit’s proactive, integrated behavior strategies can help keep the focus on learning