Promoting Inclusivity
Through SEL Strategies

1 hr 12 min

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As students return, social and emotional needs will be a factor in the classroom. Gain a firm understanding of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) as a foundation for more‑inclusive teaching practices.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply principles of SEL to meet the short- and long‑term behavioral needs of all learners
  • Use low-intensity strategies for implementation of SEL in the classroom
  • Enact new evidence-based practices to create positive SEL experiences in SAFE‑approach classrooms

Learn to address students’ emotional needs as they return to school.

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About the Presenter

Elizabeth Michael is a graduate research and teaching doctoral candidate at The University of Alabama in the Special Education and Multiple Abilities department. She is currently working toward the completion of her dissertation study focused on function‑based interventions.

Vicki Koslin Howell completed her educational doctorate from Nova Southeastern University in 2017. Her research focuses broadly on special education, with special interests in autism and intellectual disabilities in the middle, high school, and transition ages. Her teaching experience includes 10 years serving as a special educator in both public and private settings, in middle and high school settings.