Building a Collaborative Partnership at the IEP Table Parent Roundtable

1 Hour

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Alysa Armstrong-Gibbs, parent and Master IEP Coach®
Courtney Burnett, parent and Master IEP Coach®
Markeisha Hall, parent and Master IEP Coach®
Lisa Shaw, parent and Master IEP Coach®

Parents and educators already have the most important expertise: they know what’s best for a child. However, some IEP meetings are intimidating, with unfamiliar terminology and intimidating documents. This is why we’ve put together a Q&A roundtable with a panel of four parents—who are also Master IEP Coaches.®

With the help of this panel of experts, educators and parents can learn effective ways to build positive rapport at the IEP table and be confident that everyone will be heard.

  • Build rapport within the IEP stakeholder team
  • Advocate effectively for the student
  • Discover the power of collaboration and how all voices can be heard at the IEP table

Get your IEP questions answered—advice for parents of unique learners at our live Q&A roundtable.

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