Social and Emotional Wellness for Teachers and Administrators

1 hr 7 min

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For back to school 2020, many educators spent months preparing to resume instruction safely by addressing students’ social-emotional needs alongside academic goals. Approaches include creating safe spaces through trauma-informed teaching and inclusive social-emotional learning (SEL) strategies.

But, what about the adults who are also experiencing change and uncertainty about school and in life? Kelley Spainhour will discuss the importance of prioritizing social and emotional wellness for teachers and administrators. By balancing your physical, emotional, and mental health, you’ll be able to create meaningful relationships and better support your students in these challenging times.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Implement self-care strategies immediately during this time of COVID-19 and national unrest
  • Recognize compassion fatigue in yourself and your colleagues, and see what to do about it in response
  • Choose joy (and why!), even in the midst of overwhelming circumstances

Learn to spot and address compassion fatigue and add some helpful self-care strategies to your toolbox—your students will benefit too!

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About the Presenter
Kelley Spainhour is a special education professional with a decade of teaching and leadership experience. She is passionate about the unique needs of children with medical needs and enjoys collaborating in multidisciplinary contexts. Kelley currently serves as a special education consultant and writer.