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Have you heard the buzz about Polaris? It’s the new solution that’s revolutionizing the IEP process with the power of collaboration, communication, automation, and ongoing, data‑driven decision‑making. A system for uniting entire teams in one space to create student‑centered roadmaps that ensure compliance.

Join us for ExcitED to see Polaris in action. We’ll show you how it guides you through the four stages of the IEP process—plan, write, execute, and report—giving all stakeholders a voice at the table. How it provides embedded guidance at every stage along with timely prompts and task notifications, recommended goals and instructional materials for meeting them, assessments and profiles for creating accurate PLAAFPs and monitoring progress, and so much more!

In this webinar, you’ll see how Polaris will help you:

  • Create truly personalized, meaningful roadmaps driven by accurate, up‑to‑date performance data to address the needs of the whole student
  • Synchronize the entire IEP team in a collaborative system with end‑to‑end automation for managing compliance at every stage of the process
  • Demonstrate efficacy and maintain accountability on a district‑wide, school, classroom, and individual student level

See Polaris in action—our powerful, collaborative new system that is dramatically streamlining IEP development and implementation.

Watch Webinar
About the Presenter
Stacey currently has more than 18 years of experience providing educational advancement to K–12 students and adult learners. She is a seasoned educator with expertise in Special Education, 504s, MTSS/RTI, and ELL. In addition, Stacey worked directly with students using n2y solutions. She earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications-Public Relations and a Master's Degree in Teaching-Varying Exceptionalities from the University of South Florida.