Stacey Atiyeh

Senior Solution Marketing Manager


Empowering Social-Emotional Learning Positivity

1 Hour

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There’s been much talk about students’ social-emotional well-being as they head back to school this fall. How can you be prepared to support both their needs and your own in these uncertain times? Try the power of Positivity!

With interactive strategies like calming breaths, breaks, visual schedules, and much more, you can set expectations, empower students to self-regulate, and keep the focus on learning—whether you’re teaching face-to-face or remotely. And Positivity keeps you in compliance by helping you manage every phase of your behavior program—from setting up a Core Behavior Profile to implementing strategies, automated tracking of student performance, and reporting.

Join us to see Positivity in action and learn how this proactive and powerful solution can help you approach this school year—and each day—with confidence.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily deliver Positivity’s eight interactive online strategies to support the self-regulation your students need for behavior and academic success.
  • Support students with proactive SEL strategies all day long, wherever they are learning â€” from self-contained, resource, or inclusive classrooms to therapeutic and remote settings.
  • Implement behavior data tracking and reporting to meet compliance and manage behavior intervention from start to finish.
About the Presenter

Stacey currently has more than 18 years of experience providing educational advancement to K–12 students and adult learners. She is a seasoned educator with expertise in Special Education, 504s, MTSS/RTI, and ELL. In addition, Stacey worked directly with students using n2y solutions. She earned both a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications-Public Relations and a Master's Degree in Teaching-Varying Exceptionalities from the University of South Florida.