Creating Routines Using News‑2‑You

1 Hour

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Bryan Gold
Product Director, News‑2‑You

Join our Back-to-School series to find tools and strategies that deliver consistent instruction, improve engagement, support positive behavior, and maximize student outcomes. The hands-on demonstrations show how to proactively start the year on a positive note using n2y solutions. Create an instructional routine with News‑2‑You to support and engage your students.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Design and maintain a News‑2‑You routine that encompasses Student View as well as whole‑group instruction
  • Identify strategies to support student participation in instructional routines
  • Collaborate with caregivers and service providers to support student participation across learning environments

You know the importance of using instructional routines⁠—⁠we'll show you how to implement News‑2‑You to establish pace and cadence of instruction as the school year begins. Watch our webinar!

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