Mastering Standards and Compliance What You Need to Know

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Do you find it challenging to provide your special education students with access to grade-specific, rigorous academic standards? Are you aligning instruction with your state’s extended standards to offer your unique learners alternative paths to mastery? Maintaining consistent access to challenging standards, helping students keep pace with the general education curriculum and reporting on student progress all require ongoing attention.

In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn

  • How to ensure your district or program is in compliance, with a scope and sequence that goes beyond exposure to promote mastery of required standards
  • Strategies for supporting academic achievement, assessing progress and raising end-of-course scores for unique learners
  • How to provide diverse learners with multiple, differentiated opportunities to access standards, demonstrate knowledge and meet their standards-based IEP goals

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Webinar on standards and compliance in special education

Learn more about mastering standards and compliance in our on-demand webinar.

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About the Presenter
Allison Vice and Kara Meaux bring decades of combined experience and expertise in the special education field. Allison is a certified speech-language pathologist who has served as a school coordinator and developer, with expertise in the areas of communication disorders, behavior, curriculum and assistive technology. She earned her Master of Education degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern University. Kara is a certified K–8 teacher and Educational Leader with expertise in developing and aligning curriculum, instruction and assessments as well as training and mentoring teachers and principals. She holds a Masters of Education degree in Supervision and Administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.