Promoting Inclusion With Peer Support Arrangements

1 Hour

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Is your school or district providing opportunities for inclusion in compliance with IDEA? Are you looking for strategies to better integrate unique learners into the general education setting? Consider developing peer support arrangements between students with significant disabilities and their general education peers. Our expert shares evidence‑based practices that provide opportunities for both groups to build rich relationships, develop strong social values, and discover new skills and strengths.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Proven strategies and step-by-step directions for drafting individualized peer support plans
  • How to help unique learners raise their level of participation through integration into their school community
  • Recommendations for promoting peer support throughout the school day and across settings


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Promoting Inclusion With Peer Support Arrangements

Want to learn proven strategies for creating inclusive opportunities in your school or classroom? Watch our EdXchange webinar!

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About the Presenter
Matt Brock is an Associate Professor of Special Education at The Ohio State University and a faculty associate at the Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy. His areas of research focus on students with severe disabilities who have autism, intellectual disability, or multiple disabilities. Specifically, Matt is interested in inclusion and peer-mediated intervention and preparing teachers and paraprofessionals to implement evidence-based practices.