Positivity: Empowering Self‑Regulation

1 Hour

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Is it challenging for your students to settle back into daily classroom routines at the beginning of the school year? Do some of your students have difficulty transitioning between subjects or school events? Now there’s a simple, proactive solution for classroom and behavior management: Positivity, the first integrated online self-regulation solution, empowers students to self-monitor so they can actively participate in learning.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to deliver timely student-centered strategies that promote positive behaviors.
  • Strategies for preventing classroom disruptions before they happen.
  • Ways to save valuable time on data collection and reporting to keep the focus on instruction and lay the foundation for successful learning outcomes.

Additional Resources

Positivity On-demand Webinar

Learn a proactive way to reduce behavior incidents and increase time students spend on task.

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About the Presenter
Alli Vice is a certified speech-language pathologist who previously served as a school coordinator, consultant, developer and presenter. She is seasoned in the areas of communication disorders, behavior, curriculum and assistive technology. She is the author of Practical AAC: A Guide to Functional Communication and the developer of the Smart/Ease series of augmentative communication page sets. Alli holds a Master of Education degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern University.