New Ways and More Data to Foster Growth

Recent updates to our solutions bring more support to help teachers reach every student and foster meaningful growth. In Unique Learning System, new and improved Benchmarks offer greater insight into individual needs and new math courses offer evidence-based practices to develop students’ foundational skills. Inspire has new ELA courses that present reading comprehension strategies to students who need intervention. Positivity adds premade behavior strategies and SymbolStix PRIME adds premade communication boards—all easily customizable. And students get to pilot a drone through an obstacle course in a new L3 Skills game.

Additional Benchmarks

Strengthen your understanding of each unique learner’s needs, make data-driven decisions on instruction, and ensure compliance with a variety of data. The latest Benchmarks in Goals, Preferences, and Skills (GPS) are Science of Reading aligned and inform students’ Present Levels of Performance. Flexible administration options mean every student can show what they know, whether led by a teacher, via Student View, or using printouts.

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New Math Courses with Assessments

For students assessed on extended standards, our courses Identifying Big and Little and Sorting by Size provide targeted, foundational math support across all grade levels. These supplemental courses engage students with interactive games and activities, helping them build vocabulary, conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills, and more. And every lesson plan has evidence-based practices embedded that support effective instruction.

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New ELA Courses with Assessments

For students assessed on general education standards, we’ve added three new courses that include pre- and post-assessments that automatically collect and report data. Main Idea and Details courses help students develop strategies for reading and understanding literature using fourth- or fifth‑grade content. Craft, Structure, and Integration provides remediation in fourth-grade skills, such as identifying text structure and using it to assess meaning in informational texts. In fact, you can assign Inspire courses to learners in any grade who have deficits in these skills. Scripted lesson plans offer research- and evidence‑based practices that support positive outcomes for any student who needs intervention.

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Additional Customizable Strategies

Promote prosocial behaviors with premade, customizable strategies that can be used at school, at home, and in the community. The latest include decision trees focusing on sequential order to support following procedures and workflow. It’s easy to edit the strategies to meet individual needs.

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Additional Customizable Boards

Provide engaging ways for students to practice sequencing, spelling, and more with our newest boards. Use three new linear scale boards to teach visual representations of ordering. Give learners ways to work on spelling three-, four-, five-, or six‑letter words with four new spelling boards. All boards can be assigned in Student View and completed online using interactive tools or printed out and completed.

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Drone Racing Game

Students fly their own drone through an obstacle course in this exciting new game! Players start by choosing which drone they want to fly, then they are challenged to follow directions to navigate safely. After they finish, players get visual and auditory reinforcement: “Nice flight!”

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