Engaging Updates, 2023 Summer Unit, and New Games

Get ready to spring forward! Explore the latest updates that support instruction and learning. Teachers can target skills with brand-new, differentiated math courses in Unique Learning System and Inspire, learn about this year’s Summer Unit, and engage students with new games.

New Math Course with Assessments

For students assessed on extended standards, Sorting by Color provides supplementary instruction to target foundational skills at three differentiated levels. Students sort objects by color and identify colors as same and different through attention-grabbing games, activities, and real-world problem-solving. This course includes teacher-facilitated, guided, and student-led practice.

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2023 Summer Unit

Discover By the Sea, a fun, standards-aligned ocean-themed unit to use during summer instruction or extended school year. Support students in continuing to practice age- and grade-appropriate material and meeting IEP goals with the unit’s content. Engaging activities include using maps to locate the world’s oceans, learning about the characteristics of different plants and animals, water games, and more beach-related fun!

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Basic Computation: Grade 4 Skills

For struggling students assessed on general education standards, Basic Computation: Grade 4 Skills is a foundational course that can be used in any grade to improve basic computation skills. Students apply their understanding of adding and subtracting numbers using the standard algorithms to add and subtract numbers within 1,000,000. They also practice multiplying and dividing multi-digit numbers using area model methods and long division.

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Understanding Decimal Place Value: Grade 5 Skills

For struggling students assessed on general education standards, Understanding Decimal Place Value: Grade 5 Skills can be used for students in any grade to provide targeted intervention using a wide range of engaging activities to promote successful outcomes. Students apply their understanding of place values of whole numbers to the decimal number system. They also use this knowledge to compare two decimal numbers to the thousandth place.

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New Feed Symbolsaurus (N and O Words)

Provide beginning sound practice to build early reading skills with two brand-new games! Students listen closely for the sound Symbolsaurus wants to eat, then look for the matching symbol and drag it to his mouth. Correct answers receive a “thank you” and a smile, and at the end, the dinosaur happily runs away.

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