Key Improvements to Usability and Setup for n2y Solutions

We’ve listened to feedback from teachers and administrators to guide changes to search in L3 Skills and the implementation of a new sample classroom in Unique Learning System. We also clarified accessibility settings for students and now support single sign-on (SSO) through an LMS for all n2y solutions.

Improved Search

Searching for games and filtering the results is more powerful than ever! Our updated search lets you easily browse the entire collection of games, and the convenient filter option lets you narrow the list down to specific matches. Once you find a game you’re looking for, save time by making it a favorite or assigning it to a player right in the description.

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Sample Classroom for Administrators

With the insight gained from exploring a sample classroom like a teacher would experience it, administrators can better support those using Unique Learning System. The sample schedule, plan, and students show the ideal experience that will accommodate a variety of learning environments and demonstrate compliance.

Learn about Setting Up and Using Sample Classrooms

Total Solution

Accessibility Settings

Since accessibility settings are for each student and apply to all solutions they are seated in, we moved the settings from Student View Configuration to My Students for clarity.

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LTI 1.0 Basic Launch for SSO

District tool provider or district program administrators can now streamline logins from their LMS or remote learning platforms—with security as a priority—using Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) 1.0 Basic Launch, which supports single sign-on (SSO) for n2y solutions.

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