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Allison Vice

Allison Vice

Chief Innovation Officer

In multiple independent research studies, Unique Learning System is proving to enhance instructional outcomes for students with complex learning needs while simplifying the roles of the educators and caregivers who serve them. Read the research studies and peer reviews below to see what special education experts are saying about Unique Learning System and n2y’s other solutions.

Metacognitive Reading Strategy and Emerging Reading Comprehension in Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Natasha Cox-Magno
Walden University

Many students with intellectual disabilities (ID) struggle with reading comprehension skills, which can affect their overall academic success. Finding effective evidence-based instructional strategies that will advance reading comprehension for students with special learning needs is often challenging for schools and districts. Using Unique Learning System’s content and instructional delivery platform, this study tested the effectiveness of a metacognitive reading strategy on the emerging reading comprehension (ERC) skills of kindergarten students with ID. The program’s scaffolding approach, enabling educators to chunk information to support students with working memory deficits, resulted in significant improvements in the ERC skills of the study participants.

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Impact of Standards-Based Instruction on Achievement Levels of Students with Moderate to Severe Intellectual Disabilities: An Action Research Study

Amy White Condon
University of South Carolina

The purposes of this study were to measure the perceptions of middle school special education teachers—as well as the parents of their students—on the effectiveness of their Unique Learning System implementation. In addition, the researcher sought to design an action plan to enable Ocean Front School District special education administrators and teachers to determine the effectiveness of the program’s standards-based content, instructional strategies, accommodations and modifications. The study collected data through teacher interviews, reflective journaling and checklists that measured students’ independent participation. Parent perceptions were measured through rating scales. According to the findings, both teachers and parents perceive that Unique Learning System has had a positive impact on the academic and functional achievement of students with cognitive disabilities. The action plan proposes ongoing professional development of Unique Learning System for teachers, paraprofessionals and parents.

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Self-Determination: A Case Study of the Needs, Preferences, Goals, and Feelings of Secondary Students with Significant Disabilities in Their Transition to Adulthood

Celeste Sadler
Nova Southeastern University

In an effort to design a study that gives a voice to students with severe disabilities and helps them express their needs, preferences, goals and feelings, this educator and researcher used Unique Learning System and News-2-You to enable her students to share their perspectives. Specifically, this case study shares the methodological challenges related to interviewing students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and explores how these students view their transition to adulthood.

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About the Author

Alli Vice is a certified speech-language pathologist who previously served as a school coordinator, consultant, developer and presenter. She is seasoned in the areas of communication disorders, behavior, curriculum and assistive technology. She is the author of <em>Practical AAC: A Guide to Functional Communication</em> and the developer of the Smart/Ease series of augmentative communication page sets. Alli holds a Master of Education degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern University.