Proactive strategies
to keep students on task and learning

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Research shows that self‑regulation is the foundation for success in learning and participating in day‑to‑day activities. Our comprehensive, integrated online solution delivers proactive, evidence‑based strategies to empower self‑regulation and executive functioning. Enhance classroom management and promote positive behaviors in any learning environment.

Groundbreaking support for classroom management and wellness

Empower self-regulation, develop wellness skills, and build independence in your students with the first integrated, online solution that supports the behavior intervention process from start to finish.

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Deliver student-centered behavior strategies

Drive positive behavior and academic outcomes with evidence‑based, student-centered strategies. Keep your students’ attention where it belongs: on their learning. Easy online access to eight strategy types empowers teachers to address individual and small- or whole-group behavior needs—anytime, anywhere.

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Simplify classroom management with an integrated system

Empower proactive classroom and behavior management with integration into daily routines, wherever students learn throughout the day. Preassign strategies to reach individual students or groups at times when they might struggle, and deliver others on demand to prevent unwanted behaviors or to support self-regulation in the moment. Build important self‑regulation and independent learning skills students will use in school and beyond.

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Drive compliance and collaboration with data

Easily demonstrate compliance with powerful data, behavior tracking, and reporting. Automated data collection streamlines and informs the intervention process with ongoing progress monitoring and analysis. More than 20 report types ensure you develop and implement IEPs and behavior intervention plans (BIPs) with fidelity. Keep teams aligned with custom reports, and strengthen the teacher‑parent connection with accurate behavior snapshots.

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Support Positive Behavior Anytime, Anywhere

With cloud-based, single sign‑on access, Positivity is both simple and powerful—easily working with the technology you have now and seamlessly adaptable to the systems you’ll have in the future. Easy Student Dashboard access and flexible scheduling enable you to reach and interact with your students no matter where they learn throughout the day. Plus, using the strategies at home and in the community promotes prosocial behavior and generalization.

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What’s Included?

A one-year Positivity license provides:
  • Unlimited use of Positivity’s proactive strategies, classroom management tools, data collection, and reporting for one service provider and 15 students, with Student Dashboard access at home
  • The power of a Core Behavior Profile for each student to establish a baseline for planning behavior interventions and tracking progress
  • Accurate data converted into more than 20 report types, to guide proactive decision-making, strategy planning, and successful behavior outcomes
  • Access to select SymbolStix symbols plus templates for building and customizing strategies
  • An intuitive, easy‑to‑use platform that integrates with other n2y solutions
  • Access to regular updates and additions

Count on our award‑winning instructional resources

While success in classrooms across the country is our most rewarding recognition, n2y is proud to be the recipient of multiple ed tech awards that validate the research‑based work our teams do to provide the highest quality instructional programs to students with unique learning needs.

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