Activities for Enrichment…Learning for Life

Everything you teach your students in class is enriching and beneficial for their lives beyond the classroom, from the ability to self-regulate to achieving academic success…from connecting with the world around them to conquering core skills. When it comes to meeting the needs of the whole student, n2y’s programs combine to create a cohesive Total Solution for your special education classroom. It’s a relevant, engaging way to prepare students with both the knowledge and the life skills they’ll need to thrive in the social and professional roles that await them.

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Literary Classics

Explore the inclusive, accessible adapted and symbol-supported novels and plays in our Inspire Classics series. Your middle and high school students will gain pride and confidence and you’ll have the support you need to meet literature standards.

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Positivity Student-Centered Strategies Samples

Discover the power of student‑centered Behavior Intervention

Empower self-regulation, prevent classroom disruptions, and support social-emotional needs with these sample proactive behavior strategies from Positivity. Then explore how behavior profiles and automated reporting tools complete the behavior intervention process.

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Sample of an n2y lesson from all 6 grade bands

Explore a dynamic lesson

Try out a lesson from each Unique Learning System grade band to experience the customizable, differentiated lesson plans, standards-aligned instructional targets and dynamic activities included in each monthly thematic unit. Access the system on any device!

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Transition Passport Sample Activity

Embark on a Transition Passport activity

Build the executive function and planning skills required for a successful social event. Have your older students (middle school through transition) plan for an outdoor adventure with friends by working through the steps in this activity.

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News-2-You Sample Newspaper

Immerse your class in World Events

Survey the news in five different levels to find the right match for your students. News‑2‑You, our engaging weekly newspaper, features informational text, cross-curricular content and a wealth of fun learning activities to support language and literacy standards.

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Sample L3 Games

Take on high-interest Skill Practice

Embrace the power of interactivity and let the games begin! L3 Skills offers a fun and relevant way for students to practice academic and transition life skills—and adds flexibility to your classroom management toolkit.

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