Fun and rewarding lifelong learning

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We all aspire to live our lives to the fullest, to constantly be growing and working towards the best possible version of ourselves. Our unique learners are no different. We’ve developed L3 Skills, named in honor of lifelong learning, to give students many different fun and engaging ways to extend their achievement beyond daily classroom instruction. The educational games and activities provide students with the skills and confidence to successfully apply their learning—and reach towards their own wonderfully unique potential.

L3 Skills Player Dashboard on a tablet and SymbolSaurus game on a phone

Much more than just fun and games

Online games can strengthen an individual’s cognitive and non-cognitive skills and ultimately deepen problem-solving abilities. Research has also shown that game-based learning increases student engagement. And the L3 Skills approach of learning through constructive play aligns to state and national standards, providing multiple versions of the same activity to develop problem-solving abilities.

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Empowering interactive skill building and mastery

Developed by educators for educators, over 140 diverse, standards-aligned activities capture imaginations, motivate persistence, and prepare students for higher levels of success.

Building confidence and pride

Even though not every student can work a controller or navigate cluttered graphics, nobody should ever feel left out! Give unique learners real access to fun online learning activities, and help them to experience both the pride of achievement and the warmth of inclusion.

Augmenting classroom instruction with independent learning

Use flexible activities across grade and ability ranges in the classroom, in therapy or in a home setting to build skills and promote independence, all while tracking progress for IEPs with actionable data.

A flexible platform that grows with your technology

The L3 Skills platform is both simple and powerful. It easily works with the technology you have now, is seamlessly adaptable to the systems you’ll have in the future and is an ideal way to extend and enhance the lessons and activities in other n2y solutions.

What’s Included?

A one-year L3 Skills license provides:
  • Unlimited access to over 140 diverse, standards-aligned activities for one service provider and 15 students
  • Practice in many critical soft-skill areas such as cause and effect, problem solving and persistence, attention to detail, task completion, goal setting, creative discovery, gains in memory, digital literacy and navigation, and social awareness
  • Powerful data reporting for tracking improvement in both the short term and across multiple years
  • A growing number of accessibility features including closed captioning, audio narration and a collection of single switch activities dedicated to cause-and-effect instruction using USB switch access
  • Compatibility with today’s mobile devices, making it simple to assign and play activities anytime, anywhere
  • Access to regular updates and additions

[One of my students] absolutely cackles every time he gets to play L3 Skills Pumpkin Splat (single switch) and it's enabled us to get him to participate in some other activities with technology as well! Thank you n2y!

Miranda Adams

Special Education Teacher

Madison Consolidated Schools

Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution

L3 Skills was honored in 2019 with a Codie award! These awards recognize excellence within the technology industry and, according to the judges, L3 Skills was one of the best game-based programs they had seen in a long time. Just as Unique Learning System® gives unique learners access to the general education curriculum, L3 Skills gives them immersive, industry-leading skills practice.

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.