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Lifelong learning—it’s what all educators hope to inspire in their students. And when students are equipped with the right skills, that dream can be a reality. n2y developed L3 Skills as an engaging way to inspire unique learners to extend their achievement beyond daily instruction—and empower them with the skills and confidence to successfully apply their learning in life.

Much more than just fun and games

Online games can strengthen both core academic and practical life skills. Research has also shown that game-based learning increases student engagement, which improves retention. And in alignment with state and national standards, the L3 Skills approach to learning through meaningful play develops problem-solving abilities by providing multiple versions of the same activity.

Try a Sample Game

L3 Skills Player Dashboard on a Chromebook and Ski Single Switch game on a phone

Empower interactive skill building and mastery

Offering more than 200 diverse, research-based activities, with dynamic interactive graphics and relevant skills-based content, the games in L3 Skills capture the imagination, motivate persistence, and prepare students for higher levels of success. It’s easy to match activities to individual students’ interests and levels in math, ELA, and life skills such as decision-making, cause and effect, social awareness, and much more.

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Build confidence and pride in all learners

Students experience the pride of achievement and inclusion as they reach higher levels of skill mastery with the accessible, age-appropriate games in L3 Skills, including single-switch games for those with dexterity challenges. Differentiated levels and embedded coaching ensure students succeed at meeting their goals.

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Augment instruction with independent learning

Empowering independent learning and practice, the immersive and engaging activities help students acquire new skills or refine those they’ve recently mastered. And with a rich variety of topics and games from five key academic and skill categories, L3 Skills adds flexible, high-quality options to your instructional toolkit—ideal for today’s remote learning needs!

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Engage Students Anytime, Anywhere

Like n2y’s Total Solution, L3 Skills is both simple and powerful—easily working with the technology and n2y solutions you have now and seamlessly adaptable to the systems you’ll have in the future. The cloud-based games and features help you reach your students no matter where they learn throughout the day.

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What’s Included?

A one-year L3 Skills license provides:
  • Unlimited access to over 200 diverse, research-based educational games for one service provider and 15 students, with Student Dashboard
  • Practice in many functional areas such as cause and effect, problem solving and persistence, attention to detail, task completion, goal setting, creative discovery, gains in memory, digital literacy and navigation, and social awareness
  • Powerful data reporting for tracking improvement both in the short term and across multiple years
  • A growing number of accessibility features including closed captioning, audio narration, and a collection of single switch activities dedicated to cause-and-effect instruction using USB switch access
  • Compatibility with today’s mobile devices, making it simple to assign and play activities anytime, anywhere
  • Access to regular updates and game additions

Count on our award‑winning technology and instructional resources

While success in classrooms across the country is our most rewarding recognition, n2y is proud to be the recipient of multiple ed tech awards that validate the research-based work our teams do to provide the highest quality instructional programs for unique learners.

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.