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L3 Skills is an online resource that promotes lifelong learning through fun interactive activities, creating opportunities for individuals with special needs to master educational concepts and develop life-building skills. Through engaging graphics and relevant content, L3 Skills captures the imagination, builds confidence through achievement, and prepares students for higher levels of success.

An Engaging Way to Teach and Learn Numerous Skills

Age-respectful in nature, L3 Skills reinforces sound learning principles, providing real-world awareness that rewards achievement and builds confidence for individuals of all ages through high-interest skill practice activities that were created by educators, for educators.

Motivate students toward skills mastery with a seamless integration of existing n2y resources that also inspire learning through active engagement. L3 Skills can be used to reward early finishers or to further develop non-cognitive skills like attention to detail and understanding the concept of completing a task from start to finish.

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Differentiated Instruction Can Be A Real Changer

Using familiar SymbolStix® characters, each interactive, online activity is short enough to captivate student interest, yet long enough to teach important skills. Blended skill applications, including overlapping skills in multiple subjects, expand coverage and take students from where they are, to where they need to be.

More than Just Fun and Games

Immersive, engaging skills practice—tailored to the individual needs of each learner—enriches learning and elevates achievement. The L3 Skills learning through constructive play approach aligns to state and national standards, providing multiple versions of the same activity to develop problem-solving abilities.

Take Education to the Third Power and Beyond

L3 Skills is supported by guidelines that provide the foundation from which we cultivate success.

Skills Mastery

Players can practice new skills to demonstrate fluency.


Everyone loves to practice and stay engaged while they learn.


A safe and productive learning environment keeps students occupied from less productive activities.

When we allow opportunities for dedicated play, we facilitate exploration of individual preferences, strengths, skills and interests.

Anne Johnson-Oliss

Anne Johnson-Oliss

Director of News-2-You, SymbolStix PRIME and L3 Skills


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