IEP Best Practices and Support for Positive Student Outcomes

Our Experts Clarify the Complex IEP Process

For many students, success in school and in life hinges on the quality of their IEPs and the ability of their teams to collaborate. Yet the IEP process remains a complex, time‑consuming challenge for many administrators, teachers, specialists, and families. At n2y, it’s our mission to improve the lives of unique learners and all those who support them. That’s why we’ve assembled the work of multiple experts to guide both educators and parents in understanding their roles in the process as well as the stages of the IEP cycle. We hope you will take advantage of this valuable knowledge as you support your unique learners.

For Educators

From FAPE to PLAAFP to SMART goals, the language and stages of Individualized Education Programs demand specialized knowledge and expert teamwork. Whether you’re a new special educator or a seasoned administrator, keeping up with the legal obligations surrounding compliance is serious business. Our experts are here to help, with a range of resources—white papers, blog articles, and webinars—that cover every aspect of IEP development and model IEP integrity.

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For Parents & Caregivers

No one knows your child’s strengths and areas of need as well as you do. That’s why your participation in the IEP process is not only essential—it’s legally mandated. You have an important voice at the table, and it’s critical that you understand not only what’s expected of you, but also the roles of all the other stakeholders—including your child. From a comprehensive Parent’s Guide to IEPs to a range of blog articles on what to expect every step of the way, our experts will prepare you to participate and advocate for your child.

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