We Believe in the Unique Potential of Every Individual

It only takes one “aha!” moment…one moment of sheer joy…and a student’s life is transformed forever. n2y is proud to help inspire those moments, and we’re proud to celebrate 20 years at the heart of learning.

News-2-You newspaper for special education classrooms
It All Started in 1997

The n2y story began in 1997 when speech language pathologist Jacquie Clark wanted to help her students in special education increase their communication, comprehension, and socialization skills. Jacquie created News2you™, a weekly newspaper designed to cultivate literacy development using current events and relevant news. As the way students learn evolved, so did n2y—transforming from print to digital to help individuals with special needs experience meaningful access to the world around them.

Unique Learning System enables special education student to access the general curriculum
Transforming Special Education

n2y launched Unique Learning System®, an online standards-based program that provides students with meaningful access to the general education curriculum. Soon after, SymbolStix PRIME® launched, making available an online search engine and materials creation platform with the most complete and current symbol set available anywhere.

n2y helps provide a spectrum of materials for the instruction of special education students
Why We Do What We Do

Changing how special education is taught, n2y is proud to help educators and families inspire those moments of discovery and wonder, celebrating two decades of being at the heart of learning, working side-by-side with you, the educator, to change the way students grow. Through our award-winning solutions, we’ve continued to evolve the way we develop new approaches to educating students with special needs, creating solutions that are engaging, personalized, and confidence-building. It’s that confidence that can easily turn into a lifelong love of learning. And that’s why we do what we do because we believe in the unique potential of every individual student.

n2y will continue to innovate new solutions and constantly improve current ones to provide the latest in special education instruction.
Looking Into the Future

Looking ahead, we will continue to create new solutions for the 21st century classroom, helping to inspire more everyday victories for years to come. By working with educators and families just like you, we can continue to be at the heart of learning.


To be the trusted provider of solutions that empower individuals with unique needs.


n2y provides technology-forward, age-appropriate solutions that enrich the lives of individuals with unique learning needs and those who support them.

  • n2y has a collaborative work environment


    Bring minds together for powerful insight, information and better solutions

  • Work is important but so is having fun


    Have fun, stay humble and add a little quirkiness

  • Everyone at n2y is driven by what the customer needs

    Customer Focused

    Make the customer say WOW!

  • Success is measured by helping students and teachers with better instruction


    Take the initiative, share responsibility and be driven to succeed

  • All ideas are welcome and encouraged. The next ah-ha moment is right around the corner.


    Make a difference through meaningful innovation

  • Our mission is our passion


    Believe in our mission and have a vested interest in our success

Count on our award‑winning technology and instructional resources

While success in classrooms across the country is our most rewarding recognition, n2y is proud to be the recipient of multiple edtech awards that validate the research-based work our teams do to provide the highest quality instructional programs to students with complex learning needs.

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