Our Story

n2y®, a leading developer of special education products, was founded in 1997 by Jacquie Clark. Jacquie was a speech-language pathologist for over 30 years and found there was a void in special education curricula – there was nothing that taught current events for those with complex needs. To fill that void, she created News-2-You, a weekly current events newspaper with interactive activities designed specifically for individuals with special needs.

Following the success of the newspaper, n2y launched Unique Learning System, an award-winning, online, standards-based special education curriculum specifically designed for students with special needs to access the general curriculum. It has become the product of choice, serving students with diverse learning needs in school districts across the nation.

n2y’s third product is SymbolStix PRIME, a web-based symbol search engine and materials creation platform with the most complete and current symbol set available anywhere. It includes depictions of people, events, and activities with personally relevant stick figures appropriate for all ages. SymbolStix are used in all of n2y’s curriculum materials, news articles, and communication activities and is available for commercial licensing.

n2y provides the resources used and loved by students, administrators, teachers, speech-language pathologists, parents, assistive technology professionals and entire educational teams so that those with special needs can learn through engagement.