Connecting students to the world.

Each week, students connect with the world through symbol-supported news articles and dozens of worksheets, games, and activities. News-2-You helps thousands of educators develop special education lesson plans, and stands alone as the national newspaper for special education.

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Keep up with Common Core and State Standards.

n2y uses instructional targets to bridge between standards and the curriculum content for students with disabilities. Instructional Targets are aligned to the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

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Weekly News

Every week, students will connect with the world by reading about current events and doing pertinent activities. Games, puzzles, recipes, jokes, and more review material are included in the newspaper to keep students engaged in their studies all week. A subscription also includes monthly newspapers in the summer, with 41 editions published per year. News-2-You is your year-round special education teacher resource.

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Four Levels of Difficulty

The standard newspaper is published with four levels of difficulty each week, so there is something to challenge every student, from beginning readers to the high school level.

World News

Each week, articles about stories around the globe will truly connect students with the world. Each article is 1-3 pages, and 1-3 articles are published per week. World News uses Google Maps to show where each story is taking place.


More than 60 worksheets accompany the newspaper every week. The worksheets relate to stories in the newspaper, and they are designed to help you meet state standards for math, science, geography, writing, and other subjects.

Speaking Edition

Students can follow along as the paper is read aloud. Each word is highlighted as it is spoken. Speaking versions are included with all levels of the newspaper, including the Spanish Edition and Communication Board, additionally serving as a resource for speech therapy.

Speaking Sample

Class News

Each special education classroom is different, which is why News-2-You allows you to create your own symbol supported class newspaper with Class News. Create your own symbol supported class newspaper with Class News. Class News is a self-paced interactive activity designed for classroom involvement in conjunction with the News-2-You weekly paper. Class News uses a series of interactive screens that will keep your classroom involved, thinking and communicating about the world around them. There is even room for teachers to add reminders or important notes. Create your class newspaper today!

iPad App

The News-2-You iPad App supports the Regular edition of the weekly newspaper, by reading the news with natural sounding Text-to-Speech voices and with word and sentence highlighting. Each Regular edition in the app includes the current events newspaper, vocabulary, recipe, joke, sports news and a variety of interactive games and puzzles. News-2-You subscribers can download the News-2-You App for free and connect with their n2y login. When connected, News-2-You subscribers receive free access to the articles in the app that run with their subscription dates. Download the News-2-You iPad App from the App Store and sign in with your News-2-You login to get free articles.

Spanish Edition

Your subscription includes a 20-page weekly Spanish paper and communication board. This version is great for teaching Spanish as a second language.

Joey's Locker

The material in Joey's Locker targets multiple academic areas, reinforcing the weekly vocabulary from the newspaper. Joey's Locker includes six web-based games that change weekly and use the vocabulary from the newspaper, along with a bi-weekly Adaptive Storybook about the various topics and a bi-weekly interactive cartoon about the places in the news.

Included Every Week

  • Current Events
  • Vocabulary
  • Recipe
  • Interactive PowerPoint
  • Joke
  • Puzzles / Games
  • Assessment
  • Skill Worksheets
  • Sports News
  • Holidays
  • Communication Board
  • Science Experiment

Included Every Other Week

  • Interactive Cartoon
  • Adapted Storybook