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A connection to the world and to the people around us is life sustaining. But for some individuals with complex learning needs, that connection can be limited. More than 25 years ago, when speech-language pathologist Jacquie Clark discovered that students with autism and other unique learning needs lacked accessible materials connecting them to current events, she created the symbol‑supported newspaper, News2you. Today, this online weekly newspaper, differentiated to four levels, is bridging the gap for students in more than 60,000 classrooms across the country.

Expand horizons and
inclusivity through current events

When students can engage in meaningful conversation with their peers and families about world events, the immediate result is a positive sense of belonging. But the issue-based learning in each weekly edition of News2you also comes with many long-term benefits: the standards‑aligned articles and activities help students build life skills, become more motivated learners and even discover career options.

Access to a world beyond the classroom

As they experience new ideas through the content in News2you, students not only build comprehension and context relative to their community and world, they also develop new critical‑thinking and communication skills‑forming and expressing opinions about what they’re learning. They’re preparing to become productive citizens in life beyond the classroom.

Special education student looks at Current Events in Breaking News

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Improved language and literacy skills

Research confirms that students who have access to newspapers in the classroom perform better on standardized reading tests. And for students with unique learning needs, the benefits of interacting with the informational text in each weekly edition are especially far reaching—expanding skills in reading, vocabulary, writing, digital literacy and more!

Student reading symbol supported informational text.

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Enriching, relevant instruction and activities

Many classrooms across the country begin each day with “morning meeting,” and there’s no better way to spark conversation than with the day’s news and weather. Our solution helps you build engaging class routines with easy access to Today’s Weather and Breaking News—plus a full range of engaging newspaper features and activities to supplement and enrich instruction all day long.

Special ed whole group engaging in current event activity

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A flexible platform that grows with your technology

The platform is both simple and powerful—easily working with the technology and n2y solutions you have now and seamlessly adaptable to the systems you’ll have in the future.

Two girls using tablets to read today's newspaper

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What’s Included?

A one-year News2you license provides:
  • Unlimited access for one service provider to the weekly online newspaper throughout the school year (monthly during the summer)
  • New current events articles in each issue plus dozens of standards-aligned activities and recurring features
  • Differentiation to four levels, with text supported by symbols from SymbolStix PRIME, plus one text-only version and the option for text to speech
  • Access to regular updates and additions
  • Easy delivery online or in print, and integration with other n2y solutions

Count on our award‑winning technology and instructional resources

While success in classrooms across the country is our most rewarding recognition, n2y is proud to be the recipient of multiple edtech awards that validate the research-based work our teams do to provide the highest quality instructional programs to students with complex learning needs.

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.