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n2y is transforming learning with powerful support for educators and access to meaningful learning for unique learners. We empower achievement through standards-aligned academic content, assessment and data collection, a weekly newspaper, symbol communication tools, skill‑based games, behavior management, best‑in‑class professional learning, and a collaborative IEP development system. With n2y solutions, everyone can learn.

Mission Statement

n2y provides technology‑forward, age‑appropriate solutions that enrich the lives of individuals with
unique learning needs and those who support them.


Polaris is a highly collaborative, time-saving online system that aligns stakeholder teams with task automation, timely prompts, step-by-step support, and access to current student data to guide all team members through the complex stages of IEP development—plan, write, execute, and report—resulting in compliant, student-centered roadmaps.

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Positivity is an online behavior solution that empowers classroom management, self‑regulation, and social‑emotional learning; automates data tracking and reporting; and manages the intervention process. Easily integrated into classroom routines, Positivity delivers proactive, evidence‑based strategies that promote emotional control and executive functioning, enabling students to participate in learning and achieve independence.

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Unique Learning System

Unique Learning System empowers every student to participate, learn and grow with differentiated, standards-aligned content designed specifically to help unique learners master their state’s extended standards. Powerful assessment and data tools provide insights for goal setting and support meaningful progress. To ensure older students meet middle and high school literacy standards, Classics—available as an add‑on—provide access to literary classics in symbol‑supported and adapted‑text formats.

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Inspire is an intervention curriculum that guides struggling and at-risk students from teacher-led instruction to independent learning as they acquire the skills they need for success in school and life. Built-in research- and evidence-based methodologies, including differentiation, drive meaningful academic outcomes. Comprehensive data and reporting support RTI success and IEP compliance.

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News2you is a weekly, age‑respectful online newspaper that connects students to the world through news and current events topics. With accompanying activities, each differentiated edition provides informational text to help students build literacy and communication skills, meet ELA standards, and actively communicate about relevant topics of the day.

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SymbolStix PRIME

SymbolStix PRIME is a powerful symbol communication tool with the most comprehensive library of relevant symbols that helps educators create interactive or print-based visual supports, routines, and activities for learners with speech, language and communication challenges. Over 90,000 symbols with changeable skin tones, depict people, events, and activities that are educationally relevant and appropriate for all ages. Available in 11 languages plus text to speech!

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L3 Skills

L3 Skills provides a fun, high‑interest way for unique learners to build confidence practicing math, literacy, transition, and life skills in a safe, immersive environment. The accessible, research‑based educational games and activities offer flexibility for individualized instruction and independent practice, with data and reporting to support progress monitoring.

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SymbolStix SQUARES

SymbolStix SQUARES are sets of durable, portable visual vocabulary cards designed to extend the value of n2y’s dynamic SymbolStix PRIME symbols by supporting daily communication needs for emergent learners to aging adults. Age appropriate and relevant for the special education classroom, therapeutic, or home settings, each 50-card set features high-frequency words paired with visually engaging, recognizable symbols to bolster communication, comprehension, choice making and literacy.

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Professional Learning

Best‑in‑class support ensures n2y solutions are delivered with fidelity. From a complimentary Foundations Learning Pathway to the Essentials Pro Learning Pathways—plus many customizable opportunities—every n2y Professional Learning experience is designed to be delivered in any environment, including online (self-paced or live) and in‑person.

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