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Symbols are a lifeline for individuals with communication disabilities, enabling unique learners to understand the world around them and to express their thoughts and needs. SymbolStix PRIME, the evidence‑based symbol communication tool, provides that lifeline, ensuring everyone has access to learning, language and self‑expression.

History’s most dependable communication tools

SymbolStix PRIME, the most complete and current symbol set available, provides busy teachers with the tools to simultaneously create and deliver quick print and interactive communication and learning materials in the format that best meets their particular classroom needs. Teachers can also embrace their multicultural classrooms through the ability to easily change skin tones and generate symbols and text in English, Spanish and 10 other languages.

SymbolStix PRIME on laptop with printout

Meaningful, relevant access to learning—and the world

Learning through effective communication is at the heart of n2y’s mission, and it’s what drove the development of the 60,000+ dynamic, engaging and personally relevant education symbols in the SymbolStix PRIME database. This unparalleled set of visual support symbols provides the language, learning and teaching tools for helping individuals with communication challenges to develop knowledge, build skills and connect with the world.

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Convenient, time‑saving database and activities platform

We love being able to give special educators some of their very valuable time back! Teachers can quickly develop, save, search and reuse activities and communication board templates to enhance instruction, easily customizing and pairing symbols and words for any situation.

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Universal symbols for optimized learning and communication

Efficiently deliver clear, consistent communication using these dynamic, contemporary, multicultural symbols. In developing and expanding the database, we’ve harnessed visual imagery of people, events and activities that represent important educational, social and cultural identifiers.

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A flexible platform that grows with your technology

The SymbolStix PRIME platform is both simple and powerful. It easily works with the technology you have now, is seamlessly adaptable to the systems you’ll have in the future and is an ideal way to extend and enhance the lessons and activities in other n2y solutions.

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What’s included?

A one-year SymbolStix PRIME license provides:

  • Unlimited use by one service provider of over 60,000 symbols
  • Symbols for English, Spanish and 10 other languages
  • The ability to quickly develop, save, search and reuse activities and communication tools
  • Access to regular updates and additions
  • Peace of mind with an intuitive, easy‑to‑use platform

Count on our award‑winning technology and instructional resources

While success in classrooms across the country is our most rewarding recognition, n2y is proud to be the recipient of multiple edtech awards that validate the research-based work our teams do to provide the highest quality instructional programs to students with complex learning needs.

Are you ready to see it in action?

The time is now! See for yourself why educators across the country rely on n2y’s products and vision to elevate the quality of education for students with unique learning needs.