For educators who are freed from the classroom schedule, summer is a good time to dream up innovations to improve the coming school year. Our program experts at n2y feel the same way, and this summer they’re unveiling some exciting enhancements. “We know our customers are busy teaching, learning and living. We know they have many things to say, and we wanted to give them more tools to help them get their students into the conversation faster,” says n2y’s Manager of SymbolStix PRIME and Special Creative Projects, Travis Schaeffer. “SymbolStix PRIME is built for speed.” In addition to speed, we’ve built more simplicity and flexibility into the platform, making it easier to create customized boards and activities. And our much-requested Symbolize feature makes it simple to type symbol-supported text in sentence strips, messages, questions and much more!

Here is just some of the “loud” approval we’ve been hearing from customers!

Symbolize for SymbolStix PRIME!

Build Your Own Activity

Combined Symbols

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SymbolStix PRIME enhancements

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