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Unite your IEP teams in a powerful, collaborative space that empowers communication and compliance, resulting in meaningful, student‑centered roadmaps. With end-to-end task automation, access to current student performance data, and ongoing, built‑in support, Polaris guides teams successfully through the four stages of the IEP process—plan, write, execute, and report—to ensure they are addressing the needs of the whole child.

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Enhance classroom management and promote positive behaviors, in and out of the classroom, to lay the foundation for successful learning outcomes. Research confirms that for learning to occur, self-regulation skills and emotional control are vital. Our comprehensive, integrated online solution delivers proactive, evidence-based strategies to empower individual self-regulation and executive functioning.

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Empower every student to participate, learn, and grow with differentiated, standards-aligned content designed specifically to help unique learners master their state’s extended standards. Powerful assessment and data tools provide insights for goal setting and support meaningful progress.

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Deliver world events and breaking news in a differentiated, age-respectful, ELA standards-aligned weekly newspaper that enables your students to access informational text and take part in meaningful discourse both in school and at home. Each edition comes with a wealth of engaging activities.

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SymbolStix PRIME

Efficiently create interactive or print-based visual supports, communication boards, routines, and activities with this powerful symbol communication and creation tool. Our growing library of over 90,000 symbols, available with changeable skin tones, provides visual consistency throughout all n2y programs. Available in 11 languages plus text to speech!

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L3 Skills

Provide a fun, real-world way for students to build confidence practicing math, literacy, life, and transition skills with the research-based educational games in L3 Skills. The accessible, high‑interest activities offer flexibility for individualized instruction and independent practice, with data and reporting to support progress monitoring.

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