Foster Generalization of Skills for More Success

Develop students’ love of learning for lifelong growth

Imagine confident students who actively participate in class and have critical-thinking skills that support learning across subject areas. Make this a reality with Inspire! Teachers can close learning gaps, promote generalization of newly acquired skills, and build independence through its research-based instructional strategies and interventions. As students connect with content at their level and make measurable progress toward academic and IEP goals, they’ll discover that learning is fun and they can do it their whole life.

Capture attention and build independence

Keep students motivated as they acquire skills with engaging intervention, including gamified warmup activities that activate prior knowledge to help them better absorb new concepts. They’ll be able to generalize their foundational skills through an active learning approach and instruction that follows a gradual release of responsibility from “I do” to “we do” to “you do.” Performance data that’s automatically collected gives teachers insights they need to know when to adjust instruction and when to release a student for independent learning.

Image of a warm-up activity and student performance data in Inspire

Improve progress with targeted reading and math instruction

Promote generalization of skills with Inspire by delivering consistent, evidence-based interventions based on general education standards. Reading and math courses and modules provide prescriptive assessments to pinpoint skill gaps and accurately place students. Each grab‑and‑go lesson plan has lessons and activities designed to ensure every student will not only build reading and math skills but also develop their critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities.

 Image of two lesson plans in Inspire

Reading Courses

Examples include:

Image of the pre-assessment and modules in Inspire's Phonemic Awareness course

Phonemic Awareness

Image of the pre-assessment and modules in Inspire's Phonics and Word Recognition course

Phonics and Word Recognition

Image of the pre-assessment and modules in Inspire's Fluency Reading Strategies course

Fluency Reading Strategies

Math Courses

Examples include:

Image of the pre-assessment and modules in Inspire's Counting and Cardinality course

Counting and Cardinality

Image of the pre-assessment and modules in Inspire's Basic Addition course

Basic Addition

Image of the pre-assessment and modules in Inspire's Basic Subtraction course

Basic Subtraction

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